Dev Blog: Slayer Expansion v2

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Dev Blog: Slayer Expansion

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  • Added a special attack to the abyssal dagger.
  • Moved Cerberus' location to Taverley, the boss will still require a Slayer assignment to fight.
  • Removed Broad darts - it was clear from the feedback they just aren't necessary.
  • Reduced the herb sack storage capacity from 100 to 30 of each grimy herb.
  • Increased Primordial boots strength bonus from 4 to 5.
  • Added some more information regarding the Slayer cave extension and additional monster spawns.
  • Added some more information regarding slayer assignment list reworks.
  • Cerberus now requires 91 Slayer.
  • Boss slayer has been reworked to only assign a single boss at a time.
  • Added the abyssal bludgeon.

  • Boss slayer

    Boss slayer has been a very highly requested update to slayer and is the first feature on offer.

    We would like to offer it as an unlockable task costing 200 slayer points. Once unlocked, you can be assigned any of the monsters on the boss log, with the exception of the corporeal beast, as a slayer task.

    Note: Unlike the previously proposed version of boss slayer, you will be assigned a specific boss to kill. You will not be able to pick and choose which boss you kill when on an assignment.

    These tasks will be available from Nieve and Duradel and, as the experience rates at bosses will not be particularly great, upon completing a boss task you will be rewarded with an additional 5,000 slayer experience.

    Question: Should players be able to unlock the chance of getting boss monsters as slayer assignments through the Slayer reward points shop?

    Cerberus - The hellhound boss

    Last year saw the release of the first Slayer bosses, Thermy & Kraken, and since then we've had no end of requests for more. Cerberus, the hellhound boss, is the first new boss we'd like to offer you.

    Located in a new cavern, accessed from Taverley dungeon, Cerberus is thought to guard an ancient gate leading to another plane and with three heads is certainly no pushover.
    You'll need 91 Slayer and either a hellhound or Cerberus slayer assignment to take on the demonic canine but those strong enough to slay the beast may find themselves one of the new rewards!

    Cerberus Drops
    The signature drop we're offering is new best-in-slot boots for all 3 combat classes. However, rather than just dropping the boots Cerberus will have a chance to drop one of the collars worn around its three heads. Embedded within each collar is a powerful crystal from which Cerberus draws its power. If you're lucky enough to find one of these crystals you'll be able to use your magic and crafting skills to create three new boots.

    Each of the crystals and new pairs of boots are tradeable and do not degrade at all but once created, can not be reverted or broken down in to the original components.

    Eternal Boots
    Created by infusing infinity boots with one of the as yet unnamed crystals, Eternal boots provide a +8 magic attack as well as +5 stab, slash, crush and range defence and +8 magic defence.

    Eternal boots require 75 defence and magic to wear.

    Pegasian Boots
    Created by infusing ranger boots with one of the as yet unnamed crystals, Pegasian boots provide a +12 range attack, -12 magic attack and +5 stab, slash, crush & magic defence.

    Pegasian boots require 75 defence and ranged to wear.

    Primordial boots
    Created by infusing dragon boots with the final as yet unnamed crystals, Primordial boots provide +2 stab, slash and crush attack, -4 magic attack, -1 range attack, +22 stab, slash and crush defence and +5 strength bonus.

    Primordial boots require 75 defence and strength to wear.

    Smouldering Stone & Infernal Tools

    Another new item we're offering is the smouldering stone. Dropped by Cerberus and very rarely by standard Hellhounds, the smouldering stone can be attached to a dragon axe or pickaxe to upgrade them.

    Requiring 61 woodcutting and 85 firemaking to create, the Infernal axe has a 1 in 3 chance to incinerate logs when chopping trees, providing firemaking experience equal to 50% of burning the logs with a tinderbox. Over time however, the stone will lose power and the axe must be recharged with either another smouldering stone or dragon axe after burning 5,000 logs.

    Requiring 61 mining and 85 smithing to create, the Infernal pickaxe has a 1 in 3 chance to incinerate ores when mined which provides a small amount of smithing experience depending on the ores mined. The infernal pickaxe can even incinerate ores that you can't usually smelt, like granite, and will still provide some smithing xp. After incinertating 5,000 ores, the infernal pickaxe must be recharged with either another smouldering stone or dragon pickaxe.

    Both infernal tools are untradeable and once created can't be dismantled.

    Hellpup Pet
    As with all other bosses, Cerberus will also have a very small chance of dropping a boss pet, a hellhound pup.

    Question: Should we introduce Cerberus the Hellhound slayer boss as described in the developer blog?

    Abyssal Sire - The abyss boss

    The next slayer boss on offer is the Abyssal Sire, a higher order of Abyssal demon that possesses the power to manipulate tissue of both the living and dead to its will. Using this ability the Abyssal Sire creates a bio-nexus from the remains of adventurers, rearranging their flesh into a living, subservient environment from which it feeds and flourishes. Once a nexus is established, a Sire will often become bloated from its endless greed as it feeds continuously but this does not mean that it becomes any less lethal. When disturbed, a sire will become enraged that another dare to encroach upon its territory and unleashes the full fury of the Abyss upon its latest victim before, they too, join its Nexus for eternity.

    Requiring 85 slayer and either an abyssal demon or boss slayer assignment to fight, an Abyssal Sire will prove a challenge for even the most experienced slayers. Those fortunate enough to survive the fight may find themselves a new abyssal dagger!

    Abyssal dagger

    The abyssal dagger is a one-handed weapon that requires 70 attack to equip. It has the following stats:

  • +75 Stab attack
  • +75 Strength

  • These stats leave the abyssal dagger slightly weaker than a Zamorak hasta but with attack styles to train Attack, Strength or Defence.

    Special attack

    The special attack of the abyssal dagger costs 50% special attack energy. The special attack hits twice in quick succession (just like the dragon dagger) with 15% reduced damage. If the first hit deals damage, so will the second. Both hits deal damage or neither do.

    This special attack offers potential for more big combos while having a max hit lower than several other existing weapons.

    Abyssal bludgeon

    The abyssal bludgeon is a two-handed weapon that requires 70 attack and strength to equip. It has the following stats:

  • +102 Crush attack
  • +85 Strength

  • The abyssal bludgeon will have only one attack style that uses crush and trains strength (and hitpoints).

    It will hit once every 4 ticks (the same rate as scimitars). This makes the abyssal bludgeon lower DPS than the abyssal whip/dragon defender combination while making it superior to the Zamorak hasta/dragon defender combination.

    Special attack

    The special attack of the abyssal bludgeon costs 50% special attack energy and increases damage dealt by 0.3% for every prayer point that you are missing.

    Other Rewards
    Abyssal Sires will also have a slim chance of dropping abyssal whips and heads as well as a very low chance of dropping an abyssal minion boss pet.

    Question: Should we introduce the Abyssal Sire, the abyssal demon Slayer boss, as described in the developer blog?

    The below sections of the developer blog have not been changed since the first version of the developer blog.

    TzHaar Task

    We would like to offer a TzHaar task that can be unlocked for a cost of 100 slayer points. Upon receiving this task from a slayer master, you will be given the choice of either killing the given number of TzHaar monsters or taking on the challenge of completing the fight cave.

    If you choose to opt for the fight cave challenge, upon completing the fight cave you will receive a bonus 25,000 slayer experience.

    TzTok-Jad Pet

    To tie in with the TzHaar task, we will be offering to introduce the TzTok-Jad pet.

    Players completing the fight cave would have a slim chance of getting a Jad pet upon defeating TzTok-Jad himself. Your chance of receiving the pet when on task is double that of a player completing the cave normally.

    We would also like to include an additional option to get yourself a Jad pet. If you aren't lucky enough to get a Jad pet after getting yourself a fire cape, you would then be able to sacrifice your fire cape for another shot at the pet on the spot. The chances of getting a pet by sacrificing your fire cape would, again, be slim.

    Question: Should players be able to unlock the chance of getting Tzhaar slayer assignments through the Slayer reward points shop? Upon receiving this task from a slayer master, you will be given the choice of either killing the given number of TzHaar monsters or taking on the challenge of completing the fight cave.

    Additional slayer reward points purchases

    Along with this slayer update we would like to give a few more uses for slayer points.

    Extended tasks

    We would like to add to the list of monsters that you can purchase extended tasks for. Here is a list of those we had in mind.

    AssignmentCurrent (Nieve)Current (Duradel)Extended
    Bloodveld120 - 185130 - 200200 - 250
    Aberrant spectre120 - 185130 - 200200 - 250
    Aviansies120 - 185120 - 200200 - 250
    Mithril Dragons4 - 85 - 1020 - 30
    Cave Horror120 - 180110 - 170200 - 250
    Dust Devil120 - 185130 - 200200 - 250
    Skeletal Wyvern5 - 15N/A50 - 70
    Gargoyle120 - 185130 - 200200 - 250
    Nechryael120 - 185110 - 170200 - 250
    Cave Kraken100 - 120100 - 120130 - 200

    These task extensions can be purchased individually or as part of a new mega-pack that unlocks all extensions for a small discount.

    Question: Should extensions to tasks, listed in the developer blog, be added to the slayer point rewards shop?

    Herb sack

    The herb sack would be an untradeable item purchased for 750 slayer points. It would require 58 herblore to use and would have the very useful ability to store up to 30 of each major grimy herb (which includes the main 14 types of herb from guam to torstol).

    It would have a left-click 'Fill' option and an 'Empty' option with the bank open.

    Question: Should the herb sack, an item that can store up to 30 of each grimy herb be added to the Slayer reward points store?

    Stronghold slayer cave expansion

    We've had a number of requests regarding several different monsters that are assigned as slayer tasks to offer more spawns to help prevent spots filling up on every world. We've also had many requests to add some new monsters to the stronghold slayer cave.

    Additions to the slayer cave

    We would like to extend the stronghold slayer cave west beyond the iron and steel dragons to include a few new monsters in the cave. The monsters that would be introduced are:

    Blue dragons
    Red dragons
    Black demons

    You will not be able to use a cannon in the extended area, this is to prevent the Stronghold Slayer cave becoming the one stop location for every assignment.

    Question: Should the Stronghold Slayer cave be extended, adding black demons, blue & red dragons?

    Additional monster spawns around the map

    We would also like to increase the amount of monster spawns for the following monsters in the listed locations:

    Blue & baby blue dragons in Taverley dungeon
    Red dragons in Brimhaven dungeon
    Black demons in Taverley dungeon
    Baby green dragons in the Brimhaven dungeon.

    Question: Should we increase the amount of black demons, blue and baby blue dragons in Taverley dungeon, red dragons in Brimhaven dungeon and introduce baby green dragons to the Brimhaven dungeon?

    Drop table improvements

    We've had some requests to make improvements to existing slayer monster drop tables in order to keep them rewarding so we'd like to offer some minor changes to Dark beasts and spiritual mages.
    Dark beasts will be slightly buffed with some of the less useful items on the drop table being replaced with some more valuable items commonly found on generic monster drop tables.

    Spiritual mages will have a slight increase in the amount of runes and essence they drop, the contents of the drop table itself won't change.

    Question: Should dark beast and spiritual mage drop tables be improved slightly, as detailed in the developer blog?

    Slayer assignment refactoring

    Lastly, we'd like to rework the current assignment list that slayer masters use to select tasks. As it stands, the chance of receiving each monster as an assignment differs from monster to monster and some of the requirements on receiving certain tasks, such as 110 combat to be assigned dark beasts, have been requested to be removed. So we're offering to completely re-write the task selection system for each slayer master with more sensible requirements and an equal chance of selecting each available task. It isn't possible to be very specific with this rework at this this stage but should it pass, will be done in a such way that has as minimal an impact on overall Slayer experience per hour as possible.

    Question: Should Slayer assignment tables be reworked as described in the Developer blog?

    So there you have it! As always your feedback is critical so before selecting how best to break up the questions for polling we'll review all of your feedback early next week.

    Mods Archie, Ash, Ghost, Ian, John C, Mat K, Ronan, Weath
    The Old School Team


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    Happy that you made boss tasks be specific ones.

    Disappointed that you listened to a few cry baby's with the Hellhound boss slay req. 95 was perfect, but I guess I can live with 91.

    Overall good changes but I'm wondering if the abyssal dagger can be poisoned? Atm it sounds a bit weak, especially due to the maul having the same spec and same speed as a whip.

    02-Jun-2015 17:28:39 - Last edited on 02-Jun-2015 17:44:45 by Samáx

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    Very disappointed with Cerberus being changed to 91 slayer, seems like you gave into some lazy people there. By the time a 95/99 slayer req monster/boss is released (zeah, most likely?) so many people will have it and the ones that got higher slayer much earlier aren't rewarded as much.

    Boss slayer looks fine I guess, I'd take Zulrah off of the assignment list though, can't see a reason for it to be on there.

    Broad darts, can we please have them but make them cost 200-300 gp (as long as it's higher than the adamant dart price so it doesn't affect them at all), as it would make Kurasks and Turoths much more bearable for the people that do them. As the darts are weaker than the adamant darts it wouldn't affect the price at all. Or you could just make them only useable on them tasks but as that doesn't apply to the spear/sword/bolts I doubt that's the route you'd take.

    How come no stats have been detailed for the Abyssal Bludgeon? Looking at the stats of the hasta, it cannot be that much better than it regarding crush dps without rivaling the whip for best overall dps. Also you're able to wield a defender with the hasta and not the bludgeon. It seems like a bit of a lost cause already.

    Some point where not addressed whatsoever from the last dev blog that was posted on forums;

    Task list; will all the "stupid" tasks be kept on duradel's and nieve's task list? (Banshees, Basilisks, Brine Rats, Cockatrices, Fever Spiders, Harpie Bug Swarms, Molanisks, Pyrefiends and Wall Beasts). Some of these monsters have 20-30 hp and should not be on a level 85 and especially a 100 combat req slayer master. I understand you need some "filler" tasks and I am not asking you to remove every single one of them tasks (although it would be nice), but some of them definitely need revising.

    I never reserve a second post right under the first and I should, always end up running out of space..

    I'll continue this in another post.

    02-Jun-2015 17:28:46 - Last edited on 02-Jun-2015 17:53:25 by Jjozzie



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    Overall, I agree with the changes.

    Can you give us stats for the bludgeon? I'm curious how it will compare to using a whip. I still don't think it will very useful as we have few crush-weak monsters, but a bludgeon is better than a maul at least.

    The dagger will only appeal to pures. If you want this item to be worth something, consider revising the stats/intended use. Pures don't even need a stab weapon because they would get higher DPS using magic against metal dragons than they would with melee anyway.

    91 Slayer requirement for Cerberus is fine with me. Although 95 was more appropriate, 91 is somewhat high level.

    I am still extremely wary of the description of "task refactoring". Please consult either in-game analytics or high level players before changing tasks too much. A significant increase or decrease in experience/hour could result from any update to task assignment frequencies.

    02-Jun-2015 17:29:31 - Last edited on 02-Jun-2015 17:43:34 by MiniáFinbarr



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    91 slayer, meh, better than before I guess. There were so many threads supported in which were against lowering the requirement, I honestly thought they would man up and put it back to 95. Shame.

    02-Jun-2015 17:30:29

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