The Tournament Arena

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The Tournament Arena

Maxed stats, any gear you want and intense battles all wrapped up in one update. The tournament arena is here and available for ALL RuneScape members to enjoy!

You can access the tournament arena by logging into worlds 352, 353 or 357. They are the perfect place to gather up a group of friends and test your skill. With maxed accounts and your pick of the best gear, everything comes down to skill.

You can access the tournament worlds using the following links:

World 352
World 353
World 357

When you log into one of these worlds, you will find the following:

  • Your account will be buffed to max stats.
  • Your account will have completed all quests and achievement diaries.
  • You will have access to unlimited tournament supplies which include almost every piece of desirable PvP gear and equipment.
  • You will need two teams of five in order to start a war. No less, no more.
  • You will be unable to leave the clan wars area.
  • Your progress on tournament arena worlds will NOT transfer to normal worlds.

  • Gearing up

    On tournament worlds you will have access to tournament supply chests near the purple portals. These chests contain a plethora of desirable PvP gear that will allow anyone and everyone to pick out their ideal setup for wars at absolutely no cost.

    The items found in the tournament supply chests cannot be moved into normal worlds. They are temporary and will only ever exist in the tournament arena.

    Changing spellbook

    You can change to any spellbook by right-clicking the altar found in clan wars and selecting the spellbook you'd like to use.

    Starting a war

    To start a war in the tournament arena you will need five people in your friends chat and five people in your opponents friends chat. After challenging the opposing team, all ten players that will be taking part in the war must enter the arena before the end of the countdown. If ten players are not found in the arena at the end of the countdown the war will not begin!

    Tournament arena maps

    We've added a couple of additional maps for the tournament arena to spice things up a bit. Have you ever wanted to go on a rampage in Lumbridge castle? Or maybe drop a few noobs in Falador park? Well, now is your chance.

    Falador park and Lumbridge castle are available as clan wars maps on the tournament arena worlds!

    When will the arena be removed?

    The tournament arena will be in game for three weeks. Make sure to hop over to a tournament arena world to have some fun while you have the chance!
    In other news...

  • The world switcher now shows the number of players online in each world and has a logout button.

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    DuoáArmadyl said:
    Is anyone able to use the tournament arena, even if they didn't sign up?

    Also, would it be possible to add the PvM arena to the game? It would make for such a fun minigame

    Absolutely anyone can use the tournament arena.

    As for the PvM arena, we'll see how things go with the clan cup this year.

    Bleh said:
    Re-posting this for emphasis

    Are you guys planning on fixing the logout dc glitch?

    We are. It is a priority for us.

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