Slayer Assignment Rework

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Can you release the weightings of all the tasks from each master? RS3 has that info readily available with their wiki, would help OSRS players put together proper block lists and decide which tasks to skip.

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10-Sep-2015 11:10:12



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MiniáFinbarr said:
John C provided us with a list of task weights before the rework, could we see a list of task weights after the rework?

I'll put something together and post it in this thread presently.

10-Sep-2015 11:11:27

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"Resolved an engine issue causing players to turn invisible."

does this mean if you wear armour before a whip stake your opponent wont be invisible?

EDIT: doesn't really matter i still lose even with gap lmao

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"Gargoyles, ne**ryaels, abyssal demons, spiritual mages, spiritual rangers and spiritual warriors can now be assigned by Vanna*a."

Am I the only person who doesn't understand why the 40-70cb slayer master should assign these?

10-Sep-2015 11:16:15

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