Slayer Assignment Rework

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2áTailsá2 said:
"Resolved an engine issue causing players to turn invisible."

does this mean if you wear armour before a whip stake your opponent wont be invisible?

Hopefully, yes.

2áTailsá2 said:
EDIT: doesn't really matter i still lose even with gap lmao

I think we'll have to leave you to solve that yourself.

10-Sep-2015 11:24:00

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I'm pretty sure the "rework" stated in the dev blog includes equal chance of assignment plus removal of combat level requirement before it was polled. Now, due to feedbacks from a small amount of players which was defined as "community", more unpolled changes come under the title of "rework".

Seriously? Shouldn't these things be polled first as it affects all types of slayers in different ways? Or will some advice from a couple of "top slayers" suffice as "voice of the majority"?

10-Sep-2015 11:24:17



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WarlordáSage said:
when are you going to remove splashing and afk guthans?


& also guys you can stop with the slayer updates they've got enough.

feel free to start adding new quests & QoL updates

10-Sep-2015 11:25:31 - Last edited on 10-Sep-2015 11:28:56 by Avioxus



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Majesty said:
lol at first I thought it was triple minning xp for some reason

No, it's not. The new Smithing XP from the infernal pickaxe bonus was widely regarded to be a bit low, so we increased it. It's not uncommon for us to adjust rewards up or down a bit shortly after the launch of a new feature.

10-Sep-2015 11:26:21

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