Old School in 2016

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Old School in 2016

2015 has been a spectacular year for Old School RuneScape. Over the past 12 months we have seen the introduction of F2P, Bonds and the Grand Exchange which has really helped Old School grow massively. We have seen our first ever competitive tournament as well as a brand new game mode – Deadman Mode. All this has combined to mean that more people play Old School RuneScape today than at any time over the past 12 months.

With a new year upon us the whole Old School team want to continue the success of Old School RuneScape all through 2016. So what is there in store for you?

Firstly we start with the first phase of Zeah, the new continent. The magnificent city of Great Kourend is the first place you will visit where you can explore its streets and discover lots of unique skilling content.

The second phase of Zeah will revolve around raids. These raids will scale depending on the amount of people in your party and their levels ensuring that it is always a challenge. You will explore the caverns of Zeah and fight new bosses with unique mechanics which mean you must work with your team to defeat them.

We also have other bosses for you to pit your wits against such as the reincarnation of Jad, bigger, badder and erm… bossier than the Jad you are used to. You will also have to defend Great Kourend against the Wintertodt using your skills to drive back his encroaching evil.

There will also be more skilling updates with two new rooms available for you to build in your houses as well as fire-pits, a new way to utilise firemaking.

We also want to introduce the clan system to Old School in a way which is designed specifically for this community – expect us to be talking to you about that soon to find out just what you want. On top of that we also have the potential to add a less formal grouping system so you can easily get together for group activities.

As usual, getting you what you want is fundamental to your game and all the content releases will be polled alongside monthly quality of life updates which you have grown used to over the last three years.

After the success of last year’s competitive tournament we want to do many more. The first of which is coming at the end of March and will be a winner takes all cash prize of $10,000 for the winner of the Deadman Tournament. We aim to do multiple tournaments throughout the year including team based ones.

As always we will bringing you weekly Q&As which you can join on our livestream channel every Thursday at 5pm GMT.

We are looking forward to a fantastic 2016 and we want to thank you for joining us as you relive the adventure.

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The Old School Team

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Im the first reply..yay 2016! Will be very interesting to see how the development of Zeah has came along and can be implemented into the game. The only thing that REALLY REALLY scares and can potentially bother me, is the wording of "Raids". As playing OSRS, i don't want anything even remotely similar to dungeoneering, skill or no skill. Will have to hear more information about exactly what it is before I can endorse it myself. Overall, very excited for the 2016 OSRS year!

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I'm excited about Zeah. Other than that, I think it will be a pretty bland year since our community does not like to vote in new and exciting things...

I'll still stay hopeful though!

01-Jan-2016 16:23:27

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I'm really excited about a new clan system, definitely something that needed to be looked at. Good job guys!
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01-Jan-2016 17:09:27

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Sounds awesome, can't wait to see Zeah released. :))) I may be a skiller but the content and skilling updates still are interesting to me. :P

The clan system is nice, but i am hoping it is different from RS3 as myself and a couple of others run 2 clans..which if it is like RS3's system where it forces you to be in one clan it may create a problem for us. :( We are hoping OSRS's system is more friendly in the manor that it wont restrict us to be in 1 clan and have to use alts in the other. We ca't wait to see the Administrative ranks added though. :D

Aside from that Happy New Years Jagex and OSRS community. :))))
LODJ RS3 Division
LODJ OSRS Division

01-Jan-2016 17:25:05

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