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"taking into account each playerĺs damage dealt values and using those to make a random choice on who should receive the drop"

I feel like this would work best.

I'm sure there are those who think that such a feature would be pointless because that's how the drops are given at the moment, but you have to consider the group damage. Right now, a 126 in maxed gear could crash a trio of 100-110s at Bandos GWD and get the majority of the kills despite being outnumbered 3 to 1. Lootshare would give teams strength in numbers.

Why do I think it should still be damage based? So that there aren't people leeching kills. For example someone who takes a Seers ring (i) instead of Berserker ring (i) at Corporeal Beast to take less damage and use less food. However, I do think people who don't deal the most damage (tanks specifically) should still have a chance at a drop, albeit much less than the highest damager.

Perhaps the priority system could work as:
Highest damage = 75% chance roll of loot
If loot is not received, the next highest damage gets a 75% chance
Repeat until someone receives a loot, or all players have rolled
If all the players didn't receive a loot on their individual rolls, a final roll is done with all players being at an equal chance for loot.
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What about activation/De-activation system of LS? You should consider not making them similar to RS3, where turning LS/CS off/on is a private and individual thing that can be done at any time. It have caused a massive amount of scam incidents over the years.

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Hawaiian said:
How will boss kill count work with loot share?

Undecided, we would like pets still to be offered. They would not go through the lootshare system though, and would go to the player who did the most damage still. Likely this is where the boss killcount would go too.
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Why not use the newer implemention of coinshare from RS2/RS3, where instead of giving you coins, it'll split the item into shards?

So for example, you go to Bandos as a trio and get a BCP, but instead the game generates 120 BCP shards devided by 3, giving 40 to each player. The shards can be sold and traded just like a normal BCP, and can be combined to a BCP at any point, as long as you got 120 shards.

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How would loot share effect drop rates on solo bosses like Zulrah or the God wars bosses?

For example would it have no effect or would it cause drops to be more regular, like if you kill 500 Kree'arra you should get around 3-4 armour drops?

Also could we please get instanced KBD if this is implemented as KBD is so overfilled its difficult to find a solo world and would force players to loot share?

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Love the idea of LS
and also please remove that decaying idea as you said at places like corp where it can take days or weeks its very unfair compared to doing something like bandos all day where you would have a much higher chance of getting drops as kills are faster and drop rate isn't as high.
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Can you consider adding shard system to Corp drops, like in rs3. The biggest issue is people scamming Elysian drop and this can be fixed by adding shards that are split by people in same FC.

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In my opinion Shard-Share would be the most viable solution to the never ending debate on how to properly share loot among those who deserve it.

Shard-share would work by making high-vulue items consist of so called 'shards'. For example a team of 4 PvM'ers are killing Corp, and they loot a Spectral sigil, the sigil is devided in 100 shards, evenly shared among the team by giving everyone 25 shards of a Spectral sigil. The shards can be combined to the original Sigil by using 100 shards on each other.

The best thing about this is its a combination of LS and CS without the inflation of GP and without the fear of missing out on a drop while doing most damage.

I somehow feel the community dislikes this Shard-Share system whenever I talk about it, but I really think this is the easiest, best and most reliable system to sharing loot one could think of.
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