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Yes to Lootshare and to visible LSP. It's about time this will be considered for an update.

Coinshare... NOPE. You guys should know by now what Coinshare has done in the past. I'm not interested in any other Coinshare experiments too.

Lootshare - Yes.
Coinshare - No.
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29-Jan-2016 12:59:51



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In general: (I'll post a detailed version later this evening when I got more time.)
-Lootshare: doubting, with chances more to no.
-Coinshare: no.

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Perhaps have LSP still based on the amount of damage given, this would mean that the higher damage you do, the more LSP you get if you didn't get the drop. Seems silly to me that someone who does 100 damage on a boss would get the same LSP as someone who did 1 damage on the boss.

Displaying LSP would be a cool idea imo, I think most people would use it as an indication of where they're at rather than moving between groups till they have the highest.

The chance for the drop should definitely scale with the amount of LSP you have and work down the list. Perhaps by rolling a dice at 50% for the highest LSP, then 25%, then 12.5%, then 6.25% and if there is only 4 people then the final 6.35% would go to the highest damage and remove LSP or start the process over?

Lootshare worlds could be on every world and then scaled down or other fixes added if it becomes a huge problem with crashing etc.

Coinshare isn't a great idea considering how slow the GE is to update prices, especially for items with low sales, it can take months for it to move 5% and be way off.

29-Jan-2016 13:11:40

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Lootshare potential feels completely unnecessary. The complete randomization mode sounds great! I hope we will see that in the game.

Why is there nothing about shard share? Many people would love to see that instead of coin share. At any rate, coin share is getting a yes from me.

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lootshare with every single member of the clan chat to have same drop rate that increases every kill, otherwise everyone would want to be host of the clan chat to receive the 30% lsp thing. Btw make the lizard shamans 1 on 1 and not multi area, thats just stupid because you cant last 10 min having 3 lizard shamans jumping on you lmao

29-Jan-2016 13:20:44



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Definitely YES to lootshare and YES to coinshare if the inflation issue is sorted out. If not coinshare then at least shardshare. In any case, if it's just lootshare, I'm happy. NO MORE TRUSTSCAPE

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Lootshare sounds like an easy way to actually get scammed seeing how some lower level player will receive a drop for just showing up and simply running away.

Coinshare will end up going down the same path it did in rs3 and end up bringing coins into the game without anyone actually buying whatever item you got as a drop.

We don't need any of these updates. :)

29-Jan-2016 13:21:40



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No thanks, its just stupid for people that want to solo, especially if you make most of the worlds LS. You can share your loots without having the system, just play with people you trust.

29-Jan-2016 13:22:15

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I personally like the way the combat system is now, which includes the drop system. It's logical without strange formulas: the guy with the most damage gets the drop. It's simple as that, and typically OSRS.

Also, like 90% of the PVM'ers either go with a trustworthy team or solo. This makes lootshare/coinshare an unnecessary update, especially since (if I'm right) in pre-eoc it was only implemented because of the free trade removal. But in OSRS we don't have this situation, so what's the point of introducing lootshare/coinshare here?

Because of the above mentioned things, I don't see any reason to change the drop system and I would vote no on both lootshare and coinshare. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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If you are soloing on a lootshare world and a team (of 3 in this example) comes along and uses lootshare who gets the drop in this situation?

Player 1 (solo): 40% damage
Player 2 (team): 30% damage
Player 3 (team): 20% damage
Player 4: (team) 10% damage

Player 1 as they did the most damage as an individual or the team as they did 60% damage overall which is more than what player 1 did.

If player 1 gets the drop then teams can get crashed by a single person whereas if the team gets the drop (if all worlds become lootshare), it would be very difficult to do solo trips without being crashed by a team even if they do less damage as an individual because they do more damage as a collective.

Also, will you be able to use lootshare to gain NPC Kc in godwars like you used to, for example if you were at 40 bandos killcount but your friend had just arrived and was on 0 kc, will your kills be added to your friends kc so that they can get killcount faster (so all kills will go to your friend until you are both on 40 kc) or will it just go to whoever did the most damage or perhaps who got the lootshared drop.

29-Jan-2016 13:39:02

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