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AngerAlt said:
epiclegacy77 said:
what is the lasting impact on pvp?

One aspect of it impacting PvP is that the regular CLW FFA world (W302) is less busy thanks to the tourny servers.

this is called the hype when most people are just here to check out whats going on then afterwards people drift off like usually but this should boost pvp if anything later on because people will feel more confident in pvp after building skills and training in tournament worlds so it should make them confident to try the real thing in normal worlds so it should boost pvp activity

09-Feb-2016 08:46:07

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I'm experiencing this random lagg in tournament worlds and its becoming really annoying i have to reset client to fix it. Doing all the settings/gear etc... all over again and again is cancer.

I have A grade NET yet while playing tourny worlds i get this random lag/spike it jumps from 50-5-50-30-5 fps and glitches my chat out i cannot type and the screen freezes for 1-2 second at a time. Sometimes i can wait it out 5-15mins until it fixes but that is not the point.

Is it something to do with settings i use or where i am located?

Also if you use sanfew it glitches out anti-venom pot. This was also in the last 5v5 we had.

Most say they do get the glitch but not so much for the lag.
Anyone else experience this?
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Please keep at least 1 tournament arena world open. I accidentally stumbled across one last night and I had a blast! Now this morning I wanted to play some tournament arena and cannot find a dang world to play it. I'm pretty sure I was playing it on w321 and now it doesn't do anything when I hop to that world. Jacked Up

25-Aug-2016 19:35:10

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