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hello jagex, ive tried many many times to explain this error to you and how it effect the game such as pking and as comboing for older players such as myself and people who play the game based off of timing and the muscle memory of the game on how it was and how it should be played.

we all know that ice burst is an instant attack and the digit (the number that appears on the player or npc) aka the damage done by the spell spell pops up quick. alright so ice blitz the ancient magic spell the digit number is popping up too fast and has no delay and is as fast as ice burst which is an error. in older runescape before eoc blitz has also been a delayed attack and this was changed when eoc came out and when older runescape came out and it has not been addressed by pkers. myself and others who use these spells day in and day out understand the importance of timing because it effects the player eatting and the success rate for comboing. for example if im using ice blitz to maul with this current ice blitz (which is way too fast) i use ice blitz and run toward the person. the digit number from the ancient magics is already appeared on the person so they have time to eat before i use my special attack. which is real older runescape it was a delay to were my special attack and the blitz number from using the magic all pops up at the same time which is how its suppose to be. i really hope that you goes look into the older style of the game or just watch normal videos of people using ice blitz and you will see the delay on how the difference is from burst to blitz. burst is instant, ice blitz isnt suppose to be instant. thank you.

17-Mar-2016 18:37:05

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