August - The Month Ahead

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August - The Month Ahead

August has arrived and we've got a month of exciting content ahead! Last Man Standing will be arriving later on this week and just down the line we've got the player-owned houses update!

Last Man Standing

Later on this week we will be releasing Last Man Standing into Old School RuneScape, available for all players to enjoy! The minigame will be available on three worlds, one of which will be free-to-play.

Over the course of July we ran several Last Man Standing betas to gather feedback on the minigame. During the three betas we received invaluable feedback from many members of the community, and as a result we've made some substantial changes to the minigame in preparation for release.

Let's take a look at some of the changes we've made since the first beta.

Single combat

The first key piece of feedback we wanted to address in Last Man Standing was multi-combat vs single combat. The benefits of multi-combat were that it prevented boxing to stay alive until the last few moments of a game, however the negatives were that the gameplay was undesirable for solo players.

After disabling multi-combat in the second beta, we found that players were finding the minigame far more enjoyable and saw a massive increase in the number of people playing. In the final release of Last Man Standing, the entire map will remain single combat as a result of the feedback from the betas.

Improved gear

The equipment you can potentially receive within Last Man Standing has been substantially buffed all around. You're now far more likely to get your hands on a starting weapon and the available gear is higher level.

Improved gear means quicker fights and more action overall. And, most importantly, no more mithril scimitars!

Vending shrines

Another way to get your hands on higher level gear is via vending shrines. No longer do repeat loots or unlucky chests have to be a total loss. You can trade in your unwanted items in exchange for tokens, spent on the gear you would like.

Player-owned house update

Last year at RuneFest we announced that we would be working on some big new additions for player-owned houses. We mentioned two new types of room and a menu to help you manage your house. These highly anticipated updates will be on their way into Old School later on in August!

House viewer interface

One of the features which has had the community excited is the new house viewer interface. The house viewer interface allows you to see an overhead view of your house, move rooms, rotate rooms, add rooms and delete rooms.

The beauty of this menu is that when moving and rotating most rooms, you won't have to part with the furniture you've built inside it. You can move and rotate rooms while preserving their contents.

This menu is still in the pipeline, but we're hoping to have it out later on this month for you to get your hands on.

Superior garden & achievement gallery

Two new rooms are on their way to player owned houses. The superior garden and achievement gallery are high level rooms, offering some exciting additions to player-owned houses for players with high Construction.

The superior garden will require level 65 Construction to create and will offer the following:


Name Requirement Function
Spirit tree 75 Construction 83 Farming Works as a normal spirit tree.
Fairy ring 85 Construction Works as a normal fairy ring.
Fairy ring tree 95 Construction 83 Farming Works as both a fairy ring and a spirit tree.

Name Requirement Function
Topiary 65 Construction Can be sculpted into various boss heads.

Revitalisation pool
Name Requirement Function
Pool of restoration 65 Construction Restores special attack.
Pool of revitalisation 70 Construction Restores special attack & run energy.
Pool of rejuvination 80 Construction Restores special attack, run energy & prayer.
Fancy pool of rejuvination 85 Construction Restores special attack, run energy, prayer & all stats.
Ornate pool of rejuvination 90 Construction Restores special attack, run energy, prayer, all stats & hitpoints.

Garden theme/style
Name Requirement
Zen style 65 Construction
Zanaris style 75 Construction
Dark style 85 Construction

Name Requirement
Redwood fence 75 Construction
Marble wall 79 Construction
Obsidian fence 83 Construction

Name Requirement
Garden chair 66 Construction
Gnome bench 77 Construction
Marble bench 88 Construction

Requiring level 80 Construction to create, the achievement gallery offers even more very useful additions for your house:

The altar hot spot allows you to place one of three new kinds of altar. They can be used to switch spellbook on the fly.

Altar Requirement Function
Ancient altar 80 Construction Used to switch to Ancient or standard spellbook.
Lunar altar 80 Construction Used to switch to Lunar or standard spellbook.
Dark altar 80 Construction Used to switch to Arceuus or standard spellbook.
Altar of the Gods 90 Construction Used to switch to any spellbook.

Log display
The log display allows you to show off your various in-game logs to anyone who visits your house.

Name Requirement Function
Mahogany log display 83 Construction Show off your slayer log, boss log, duel arena wins/losses, clue scroll count, chompy kills & Champions Challenges.
Gilded log display 88 Construction As above, on a gilded parchment.
Marble log display 93 Construction As above, engraved into a fine stone ornament.

Jewellery box
Each jewellery box will require a number of gems to create, including quite a few dragonstones for the fancy and ornate boxes.

Name Requirement Function
Basic jewellery box 81 Construction Provides unlimited ring of duelling & games necklace teleports.
Fancy jewellery box 86 Construction In addition to the above, provides unlimited combat bracelet & skills necklace teleports.
Ornate jewellery box 91 Construction In addition to the above, provides unlimited ring of wealth & amulet of glory teleports.

Boss lair display
Each display can be created using jars dropped by the appropriate monster.

Name Requirement Function
Kraken display 87 Construction A big, fancy display showing the Kraken.
Zulrah display 87 Construction A big, fancy display showing Zulrah.
Kalphite Queen display 87 Construction A big, fancy display showing the Kalphite Queen.
Cerberus display 87 Construction A big, fancy display showing Cerberus.
Abyssal Sire display 87 Construction A big, fancy display showing the Abyssal Sire.
Skotizo display 87 Construction A big, fancy display showing Skotizo.

Mounted display
The mounted display allows you to show off some of the most prestigious items in game.

Name Requirement
Mounted emblem (tier 10) 80 Construction
Mounted fire cape 80 Construction
Mounted diary cape (t) 80 Construction
Mounted music cape (t) 80 Construction
Mounted quest cape (t) 80 Construction
Mounted coins (100 million) 80 Construction
Mounted max cape 99 Construction
Mounted skillcape 80 Construction

Quest list
The quest list hot spot is a long parchment on the wall which can be used to display your progress through every quest in the game. It will show whether you have not started, started or completed each quest.

Raids rewards blog & beta

Next week we will be releasing a follow-up blog for raids rewards. We'd like to address some of the concerns of the community, as well as making a few tweaks to what was previously offered.

To follow this developer blog, we will be running a beta weekend during which you'll be able to try out the elder maul and elder wand! We will be opening up a tournament world-style world where you will be able to try out the weapons against both other players and some commonly killed monsters.

Content poll #46

A little later on in the month we'll be running content poll #46. This poll will be packed with your top quality of life requests, as well as any other pieces of content we can fit in.

If you have anything you'd like to see appear on content poll #46, let us know! The poll will be coming to a poll booth near you very soon.

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