World Map & Balancing Changes

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Credit to everyone involved with the world map, a much needed updated indeed! (it looks amazing).

Pretty fair balancing changes to Zulrah as well, hope everyone's happy with it.


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kepi42 said:
bonjour! pardon my french but where are la australie server? :@ :(

I'd hope, when such things are available, they'll be in Australia.
More usefully, the sysadmins have shipped out the new equipment that turned out to be needed there, and are coordinating with our suppliers to arrange the installation. OSRS worlds are rather harder to arrange than RS3's, since they seem to need so much more DDOS protection, etc. We don't have an ETA - and the last ETA we got was wrong, so I don't expect another one at this point.

25-May-2017 11:52:34

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