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Maybe make the Side pannels for opening inventory and such swipeable to, if desired, hide them from the screen easily. Also, I think making the mimimap closeable, but having the HP and Prayer orbs still show will make a huge difference aswell.
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16-Aug-2017 18:35:01

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-Could you try having the tabs (skills, inv, etc.) all on the left by moving the ones on the right to the bottom left of the screen? Having the icons and the pop out all on the left would be the best imo

-Speech to text option using our devices microphone so that you don't need to bring up an on screen keyboard could be handy too for communicating when doing group activities

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OSRS will be a huge success with old players and new players alike. Thereís just nothing comparable yet on mobile. I only hope the team is ready for an expansion of players the game has never seen before.

A quick suggestion, and Iím not sure if it would work, but my thoughts are that osrs mobile would benefit from some sort of dedicated stylus. You donít want to misclick anything in the middle of a dangerous boss fight. Is there stylus technology which a screen controller can recognize two distinct touch types?

Also - in the mobile post the last pic shows bandos popping out of the screen. Reminds me that augmented reality is approaching for consumer finally. If the team could implement an AR version of RS that pops up on any surface, game over!

16-Aug-2017 20:43:04

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