OSRS Reveals: Dragon Slayer II

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This thread is to discuss the recently released news on Dragon Slayer II, which you can find here.

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As a first impression it's more than I expected, everything designed perfectly. A fairy ring and a little more fire protection would be nicer. Hope it passes! :)

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Amazing looking content. Can't wait!

Just as a small suggestion - maybe it would be nice to add some interesting passive abilities to the new dragon platebody / kiteshield / ward (as a separate poll of course)

Otherwise they seem rather boring/unrewarding considering the effort required.

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Hyped af tbh.

You guys repeated yourselves a few times, btw.

Also, the stats on the new shield show 68 range defence as a base. Will it go to +118 when fully charged?

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Quite curious as to why much of what could be perceived as the 'rewards' of this Grandmaster quest.. don't require having completed the quest.. or even having STARTED it.

If so much of the 'rewards' are available to everyone.. for not participating in the quest at all.. I gotta vote no.
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23-Sep-2017 15:09:26

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Doesent make sense to me the dragon platebody and kite not requireing the quest complete to wear, rune platebody requires d slayer complete and dragon square requires legends complete.

As for the potion i think it would be better to be extended antifire + the ground bones and make it 5 mins instead of 2 so its another upgrade rather than you make one or the other or have that as an extra potion say 96 herb.

23-Sep-2017 16:14:23

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