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Old School-specific bonuses are arguably paid-for benefits which we would never implement without a poll. The only way you'll see paid cosmetics/emotes etc. would be if they pass a poll, and I think we all know how likely that'll be!

I personally think Premier Club is fine as is, most players (excluding those with grandfathered rates) see a decent saving on their membership should they want to commit to a year of playing.
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27-Nov-2017 11:11:38

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bonds are and have been the best update since the release imho.
have not need to spend a single penny on membership since release.

ty jagex.

would be nice, if there were some benefits only for those who purchased the package, in order to distinguish from others ingame, as there is for RS3.
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28-Nov-2017 21:16:42

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Any added benefit to Old school doesn't have to be game breaking, doesn't have to be a cosmetic override or anything such as that.

But you literally sent us to a link that said there was no added benefit and everyone gets a premium emote even if they don't get premium, and I think I speak for most people when I say, we play Old school because we don't like Runescape post EoC update.

The in-game items offered by the RuneScape Premier Club can't be used in Old School, but you can use them if you login to RuneScape.

Cool story bro, glad I play Rs3 and not Old school, oh wait.

29-Nov-2017 05:11:38

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