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these "rewards" are all over the place, and really disappointing. You are literally just slopping stuff out into the game, so much of it that is unnecessary, and with each one, taking away osrs more and more.. Why the Heck do we need new "best bones in the game" lmao...

and a necklace that takes away half of your current prayer points when you equip it, really.. that is so unnecessary we are already sacrificing offense AND defense when we wear it to bury bones as well as spending valueable time clicking each bone to bury it so this mechanic is really unnecessary. Do the people updating this game actually understand the heart of what osrs was supposed to be, why 449,000 paying members voted to bring it to life.

Whats next are you going to create a sequal to one small favor called "another small favor"? I dont like all these things that werent in osrs, comming into osrs, that literally defeats the purpose of why hundredss of thousands of people voted for "old school runescape" "OLD SCHOOL, RUNE SCAPE" Not dragon slayer 2 scape, not pre eoc runescape. o l d s c h o o l r u n e s c a p e ;/

How often is it that people pay to vote for something, it comes into being, then flat out say they dont want any updates, just let us play our game, and then you can just sit back and collect profit from it. But no you want to keep adding, keep adding, keep adding, nerf void ranged zulrah nmz with no poll,

why dont you nerf demonic gorillas, i believe 1/300 for shard and 1/1500 for monkey tail is too common, why dont you nerf that hmm? make that 30% less profitable like you did to zulrah (which was way more than 30% unless killing 3500+ of them without using the potato to insta kill them, i dont know what im talking about clearly) why dont you nerf raids, i believe 2.3% for twisted bow is way too common it should be 1%
Thanks for spending all our money creating this update, I wont be doing it at all and never will. So thanks.

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GreatáDragon said:
I dont like all these things that werent in osrs

That's ok as the majority of people does. A large percentage of players voted for oldschool simply because they wanted a game that isn't eoc. Oldschool does not mean no updates. There is a reason that every successful online game in existence gets things added to them.

Look at Path of Exile for example. It has crap graphics and the combat is a bit clunky yet is regarded as one of the best Arpgs currently. One of the common praises for it is "constant updates". Meanwhile, people are complaining about diablo 3's seasons not adding anything and are gradually quitting the game.

....Just as we saw people do here before GWD was added.
OSRS Mage Tank.

Believe magic to only be for support? Think again. It's just as valid of a Pking style as melee and range is.

04-Jan-2018 13:57:10

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People do want updates though. You are the very small minority that does not. Majority of these things are polled and pass by over 75% which means yes, people do want these things.

Ask for the necklace, yes they did have a reason for the 50% prayer drain. Its because without that no, you are not sacrificing ATK/DEF stats because people would just swap amulets for the fight and for the bones.

Almost everyone that voted for oldschool did so because they did not want anything to do with EOC. We still want updates and progression. Without these things the game would die and have an extremely small player base.

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After this mornings update I went into nightmare zone to train my magic and after setting the spell it went on to defensive mode and I gained 4 defense levels without noticing I am wondering if you could roll back my defense to level 42 I have put tons and tons of time into this account and it sucks to see it all go to waste

04-Jan-2018 14:54:45

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That dragon platebody looks like a 3rd age platebody colored red with 2 spikes added kinda disappointing that itĺs not the 2008 version. Current look reminds me of them old fantasy dragon platebody looks which were just red plates with 2 shoulder spikes and the fantasy dragon full helm was just a red rune helm with 2 spikes. Point is the new dragon platebody look is not very original if I was the guy who drew that old picture I would file for copyright lol

04-Jan-2018 15:47:44

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