Theatre of Blood Reward Tweaks

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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

Note: The updated rewards are not currently live in-game. This post is for information purposes and will be updated once the changes are made live.

These changes are now live in-game! It's time to test :O

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Kinda pointless that your avernic hilt is destroyed when you dismantle the avernic defender. You can just let you kill yourself by a 2nd acc to get your hilt back.

12-Mar-2018 23:20:59



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I'm not too fond of those changes :/

Defender and Rapier where already bis and made for very desirable items.

The Staff is still not really unique, maybe you could think of an interesting special attack for it.

The Justiciar nerf was uncalled for, it has already significantly worse mage defence than similar tank armors (torags) and this change makes it completely useless for pvp, as it will be much more expensive and even less useful than the way cheaper alternative torags. Defence will keep having little to no use in pvp...

Scythe might be overbuffed but we'll see...

13-Mar-2018 02:18:48

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Remove on your head this trash rapier jagex. I don't want a new BIS weapon for everything. Rapier would be best for everything and dragon. Devalue whip,hasta etc. Is it too hard to ask for a new 5tick weapon for bossing??? WoW

13-Mar-2018 02:58:14

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Awesome buffs!!

Still feel like the rapier should have a slightly better str bonus, because of its rarity though.

Also the damage reduction for the armour should still stay in pvp.... Just halved.

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