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Here ill line it out:
1. BH TARGETS; deep wild target fun will be dead content (should tell people if target is in multi or single)
2. TELEBLOCK CHANGES; pre tele should stay in the game (if its removed less smaller teams will be in the wild in fear of bigger teams and they would never fight again + its almost to risky to be in 30+ wild in any risk on a main )
3. DDOS SYSTEM; the pvm dead system should stay (if abused result in a ban) (if its removed ddosing will return to wildy/pvp in full force since getting the kill with final blow gets u the kill)
4. THE DEAD OF SINGLE TEAMS; special attack stacking/trading (this is one of the worst ideas ive seen in my 10+ years of playing the game and shows that the mods have no clue how anything in the wild works. P.S the whale in the clip shoulda prayed range.
if this goes through almost noone will die in the wild you might aswel make flasks and have it so noone will ever die again (unless they are offline with this new system ofcourse)
5. A POSITIVE?; Smite effects holy sh*t after it bieing abused for years you finally fix it

For anyone mad at the grammer I typed this up in like 3 mins and english is not my first language - fight me in pvp reeee :D

24-Jul-2018 15:28:07



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When you said wait for the blog I knew I wouldn’t like it...

Good that tb wears off after log out but you do realizes you are suggesting an inifinte tb??

Also on your argument for spec trading that kid was tanking in ahrims skirt praying mage of course he should have died. Spec trading isn’t the problem if you have any game knowledge of the wilderness.

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PvP Integrity fixes:

Everything sounds absolutely great... except the TB thing.
Reapplying teleblock 30 seconds before it expires? You can literally call it "Infinite Teleblock".

I mean it's great that you finally address very controversial things like BGS/maces smite and singles team unloading all their specs in quick succession on someone... but giving them a permanent teleblock to even things out is not the right way.

Big clans can drop people in that 5 minute timeframe. They're good after all. If they can't, why don't let people run away because they just tanked a huge number of people for FIVE minutes.

Instead, remove the half TB when praying mage and make it a full TB again. Creating a "infinite" TB is wrong.

Pvm deaths finally getting somewhat fixed... thank god. I have a lot of mates being pissed about it.

Team structure:

Absolutely great news! I think OSRS will improve even more with these changes.
I can't wait for more updates, but stay loyal to your poll system. Only fix things that need to be fixed. Everything else should go through a poll.
Diary Cape.
Huge fan of Neptunia!

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RIP single pking indeed if you are going to implement all those changes.

How do you survive at level 40 wilderness if you get tbed constantly?

Spec trading is a part of single pking in deep wilderness and has always been.

You need to give incentive for players to pk in deep wildy if you restrict targets to lvl 1-10.

24-Jul-2018 16:08:30

Blue willow
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Blue willow

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-Smite update

-Spec: should not be made more difficult in multi too if made more difficult in single. We already have pvp worlds, bh worlds and edge pking where you won't get speced by teams.
-TB: if you get tbed you will always die if you can get re-tbed before you can tele. Also, small teams and friends pking together need pre-tbing to survive. That update would favour the biggest teams, which is not your purpose.

24-Jul-2018 16:20:57

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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The blog has been updated with the section regarding reapplying Teleblock removed.

We will not be proceeding with that change, but removing the effects of Teleblock on logout will remain.

24-Jul-2018 16:28:43



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Pretty sure pushing the tb change without feedback is because complains from streamers...
how about they dont show their world after they escape and hop worlds

If you are trying to help single pkers / smaller teams this is not the way ...

like i stated above if any player gets froven in 30+ wild in risk it will be pretty much a guaranteed full teleblock. alot less solo players will take any risk and the wild will die out even more.

24-Jul-2018 16:41:53

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