Deadman Winter Season and QoL

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Mod Gambit

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19-Sep-2018 16:09:31 - Last edited on 20-Sep-2018 10:46:26 by Mod Gambit

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Troll stronghold tele sometimes takes you to the bottom of the agility shortcut, sometimes to the top. Every time i take a pie to boost, it tele's me to the top. When i forget a pie, i'm at the bottom. Are you messing with me dudes? max levels btw

20-Sep-2018 11:46:59

No brew Zuk
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No brew Zuk

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Dragon bones and hides are more likely to appear above less valuable drops such as food.

It would be rather beneficial in every scenario possible if all drops appeared by order of the highest GE value being placed on top. would this be a simple thing to implement across the game?

20-Sep-2018 12:11:46



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So any chance of fixing the ability to see spells rune costs and level requirements on mobile? Even the skill guide doesn't say rune costs it's very inconvenient to have to close the app to search level and runes needed..

20-Sep-2018 13:15:27

Ryan Oz

Ryan Oz

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So about the sdmm cap increase.If I make a new account will i get the exp that was given before the new increase update? or will my new account have a cap exp with the new bonus exp? if you understand what i mean.

20-Sep-2018 19:25:15

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"The Bank PIN will now be toggled to stay unlocked over logout by default for new players. If you are offline for under 5 minutes and log back in from the same place, for example when hopping worlds, you won't be prompted to enter your Bank PIN to access your bank when this is option is toggled on. Existing players won’t be affected by this change - speak to a banker and ask to view your PIN settings if you’d like to enable this option."

my account has been emptied because of this before from someone hijacking my recovery email. This to me is a security issue. maybe make the pin re-set when logging in from a different I.P. Address could make it more secure?

23-Sep-2018 14:19:05

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