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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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Wow, put a spoiler warning, not everyone completed the plague series :P

Anyway yeah, I'd be really happy if OSRS did the elf finale better than RS3 did. It felt underwhelming for me. OSRS rendition of the "Dark Lord" also looks great.


Skilling boss? No thanks... Not that I'm opposed to a skilling boss, I just mean it should be available to skillers. Locking the skilling boss behind a bunch of combat-related quests kind of defeats the point.

Gauntlet: Not enough info.
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Yes to all :D
Thank you to all of the OSRS team members, you all have really considered the integrity of the game with these reveals.

You can see my my signature, I take pride in the achievement diaries. I'm so hyped about the Kourend diary.

I think the consideration that has gone into the Warding skill really shows. I think it does fit in with the OSRS environment. It fills a gap that has a lot of potential to interact with existing content while not breaking the game.

The farming guild sounds great, I had one idea while reading the news post. All of the Anima patch crops sound great, but it would be hard to choose between them. What about a level ~85-90 crop for that patch which offers all 3 effects for twice the time, but the seed is a very rare tradable drop from the demi-boss. The Dragonfruit tree sounds cool, but I'm a little concerned that 10 fruit to make the bottled Dragon Breath is too few. Make it 50 fruit to represent 50 charges. I think it would be better to have this a higher-value potion that doesn't flood the market.

Brimstone sounds awesome! I think the Alchemical Hydra should have far better rewards though. It is level 95 slayer. That should come with rewards better than cerb, kraken, smoke devil, sire, and grotesque guardians. I know that is a hard thing to do without power creep, but it could come in other forms. A hydra usually has multiple heads. A reward that focuses on multiple attacks rather than high-hitting would be fitting. I'll brainstorm on this, but the takeaway is that a level 95 slayer boss should be epic.

Aerial fishing sounds great as proposed.
The two novice quests are necessary for zone progression.

The announcement of Song of the Elves had me bouncing around. I'm so ready to see the completion of this quest line. This is one of the best things you could have given to us.
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This quest seems awesome!
I am a bit confused what the gauntlet is. Is it a solo minigame with and untradable reward like fire cape or is it a team boss with tradable loot?
Also, I have a suggestion for the crystal Armour. In order for it to no be dead content, please add a set affect when using it with crystal shield, bow or halberd. Maybe the set affect varies which of the 3 you have on (bow shield or halberd). The bow and shield are dead content and having a set affect would bring them back into the game. It should almost be like a barrows set affect not op but helpful in some situations.
I feel like if the armour doesnt have a set affect, it will be dead content just like c bow and shield. If you add a set affect based on what is equiped with current crystal gear (bow, sheild and halberd), add a crystal wand too. This way you have a unique set affect for melee, range, mage and tank. this will be like a unique twist on barrows.

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Honestly I'm just glad there's finally a new elf quest. Literally been waiting to get into the city for 14 years. Do whatever else you want, this has been all I've wanted. My RS life is now complete.

My only idea is that we make the black graceful outfit somehow tied to Prifddinas. It could be a new course or rooftop or some kind of minigame.

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For anyone sceptical about Warding after watching the stream, please do give the section a proper read in this article. I found the live presentation to be a bit stressful, and reading about it really calmed me down. After reading, I no longer think it's too "RS3'ish" and it certainly can be tweaked further to be what the community expects an oldschool skill to be.

I really am faithful that this proposed update can be a good addition to the game, it would be a shame if some peoples tendencies to instantly become judgemental were to block that opportunity.

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Warding? What a waste of time lol What a complete waste. Ohhh I can make Mystic armor yay!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME. THIS IS TRASH. I was so excited when i seen the new skill but for what its garbage..... Dungeoneering, Summoning were actually GOOD and interesting regardless of their impact on the game which i would say was a good one personally. I give this 3/10 not excited to come back at all for this... The new Map destinations look awesome though.

06-Oct-2018 22:09:19

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