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Lucy HFilia
Feb Member 2018

Lucy HFilia

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Quest hype!!!

Skilling Boss - I'm excited at the idea of the skilling boss, especially considering it's focused on item rewards rather than experience.

I'm seeing it as a more high-end skilling boss, for the players that want a unique challenge with high rewards than to do it for experience. If it was a boss that granted lots of experience, I would agree that it should be available to all skillers because it would help them train their skills and acquire other resources. But because this boss has unique items, I don't mind that it's locked behind a grandmaster quest, much like Vorkath is locked behind Dragon Slayer II.

- The main thing I'm hoping for is that it is a solo-type boss, or that it can be soloed. I imagine that the skilling boss will not be as popular as other bosses, such as Vorkath, Zulrah or raid bosses, so finding a team may be more difficult to complete it. Then again, it will ultimately depend on the type of uniques that are being acquired.

- Since the boss is targeting us directly, can we use our skills to help build and re-enforce shields while making items to help us kill the boss?

- If it's in the elven city, would crystal armour/items have a special effect in terms of protection and resource gathering?

Crystal Armour - since it is supposed to have similar stats to barrows, would it have special set effects based on the "fourth" item we're wearing? For example, wearing the crystal shield gives a small defensive buff, wearing the crystal bow increases ranged accuracy, or wearing the crystal halberd increases the halberd's accuracy?

The Gauntlet - would we have to run around gathering crystal seeds and restructuring it into weaponry/potions for the fight? The faster we are, the more types of equipment/potions we have?

Content in the city: I'm going to continue this in a second post because I'm almost out of character space.

06-Oct-2018 22:13:18

Lucy HFilia
Feb Member 2018

Lucy HFilia

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Continued, Content suggestions:

Considering we're in a natural city and part of the theme of the elven city is using crystals as their tools, I think it would be cool if some of the natural wildlife and plant life has managed incorporated the crystals into themselves. For example, maybe we have crystal rabbits we can catch or other types of crystal creatures (I have an obsession with chinchompas, so I'm going to say it. Crystal chinchompas). Or we could have a crystal flower that we grow just for cosmetic purposes, or crystal trees (I'm not sure what we would do with them).

Maybe take a chance to upgrade our graceful by weaving crystal seeds into the components. Maybe we'd have to take it to an elf who can help us weave the crystal into the graceful and sing to it to create lightweight crystal armour, which has some weight-reducing properties (but much less than graceful, and it doesn't have the graceful unique set ability anymore), and some defensive bonuses. I'd imagine myself using this set for future quests and clue scroll adventures. (Also cosmetics :) ) It should degrade like crystal degrades, and it should have to be recharged, similar to how current crystal items are handled.

Crystal-type pet. Pet hype.

Since I forgot to mention it in my first post, I hope the gauntlet and the skilling boss have pets. And that they're crystal themed. Pet hype.

As usual, I'm super excited for new quests and content! Keep up the good work!

06-Oct-2018 22:31:43



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I don't like this. I've seen this passed around the content suggestions and have been against it. As a quester, and one who quite enjoys the current era OSRS is in, I don't see how it would fit. Not much time has passed.

Runescape 3 entered a new Era, making it possible. Now i'm not saying the idea wasn't up to standards, It would be great, if this was the idea for Runescape 3's priff.

The weapons however could stay, coming up with new ideas how they could be released. Even a new elf slayer boss could be fine that drops the weapon seeds or tool seeds.

06-Oct-2018 23:02:47 - Last edited on 06-Oct-2018 23:03:21 by AtomiDani

Drk Kenny

Drk Kenny

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^_^ ty for the future update any idea how long til its release? also, does this mean crystallise is coming to osrs or naw?? 158th to max total.

06-Oct-2018 23:38:42 - Last edited on 07-Oct-2018 02:19:12 by Drk Kenny

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Hey with the way they described the dark lord at runefest this question is to all osrs players! Why does the old school team seem to think that no one playing osrs knows who the dark lord is? It's pretty obvious?

06-Oct-2018 23:48:25

Bike Rentals
Dec Member 2012

Bike Rentals

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I wish this would involve not only CREATING new magic armour but IMBUING existing things. If theres some good xp gain in the gathering part as well as the artisan part then its a great add.

New quest sounds good Everything else sounds good.

07-Oct-2018 04:34:43

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"The Gauntlet
To the PvMers among you, we present The Gauntlet! A brand-new challenge requiring players to start from scratch with no weapons or armour.
Face off against crystalline versions of monsters
Collect resources, weapons and armour as you go
The pressure will be on as you find your time to gather equipment is rather limited before you engage in combat
All new boss monster to face, expected to be one of the toughest Old School has ever seen"

This looks awesome. Love the idea.

07-Oct-2018 04:43:00

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