Bounty Hunter & PvP Changes

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My oppinion the complete contribution is unimportant for all of us.. but why? i mean there are small changes and doesnt feel like a rework.. what we want is a complete new bh shop, new reward system, more profitable pking, and make pvp world profitable again like before put a bh minigame or "ep" mode on it. I spend over 5m for pvp supplies and get below than 5m profit from pking both worlds bh and pvp worlds because the food price is gone up same like pots. pls jagex give pvp weps more value and dont focus on pvm things we have enough from pvm content the big thing and ever was "Pvp" on runescape and that never getting changed. Pking is actually money waste the only way to get make money there is risk fighting or doing multi pking.

My idea for pvp soon: f2p bh worlds, or f2p high risk world, p2p pvp world with bh minigame, bh complete rework better loot by player killing and new bh shop, and pvp weps should get more value.

02-Nov-2018 18:16:21

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