Bounty Hunter & PvP Changes

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Having an item work completely differently in combat/out of combat and so different in pvp/pvm situations is really confusing for people who either donít expect it or donít do those scenarios very often.

Pvp sage zone update needs to be clearly known. This would be a big change and could affect peopleís banks if they are unaware of the change.

Anglerfish update is bad and confusing for anyone who doesnít normally do pvp. (Like people Skilling in Wildy or doing revs) and Sara brews heal almost as much anyways and give defence bonuses.

spec tabbing, again it needs to be communicated well... I donít really like it because changing the way things work in a pvp vs pvp situation is really weird mechanics and can be very confusing for new players.

I think the boxing situation could be a disadvantage. Letís say Pker C attacks Skiller A. After some time Skiller B (Skiller Aís friend) can attack Skiller A to get Pker C off of him since Skiller A is not attacking back. Skiller A and B can now attack each other by boxing each other and Pker C cannot attack either of them.

I like other changes.

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Kbd cross bow should have the three heads and they should be using heads, not clues.

02-Nov-2018 17:54:21

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