Bird Nest Balancing and PvP

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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post which can be found here.
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" Anglerfish

Anglerfish no longer overheal if the player is in the Wilderness or on a PvP or BH world AND has been in combat or recently attacked a player (within the last 10 seconds). "

How come in Multi?

So the G-maul fiasco is over?
....... West & drop a single ore.

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Any chance ancient mace could be nerfed since you guys are nerfing Energy transfer, also any chance regular players can buy orb of oculaces soon? Thanks for making mole profit again good update lads
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22-Nov-2018 11:32:30

Il Own Il

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I'm scared to check how much you broke the most iconic weapon to osrs. What exactly does this mean:
Granite Maul

Players may no longer pre-queue a Granite maul special attack.

Can we not insta from no spec weapons now? Is there no rushing. Can we not insta maul from spec bar weapons? I'm scared to even check.

22-Nov-2018 11:33:35

TrAp CaillOu

TrAp CaillOu

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What an absolute chit show of an update. Not only have they messed with a prime ko potential weapon but they also go and mess with the anglerfish as well....why even the sudden care for sara brews. Thanks for hating on the PVP scene once more. yuh ok**

22-Nov-2018 11:40:03

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