The Kebos Lowlands

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This thread is to discuss the Kebos Lowlands release! The launch post can here found here.
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Mme Bovary

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When I logged in I was killing some black knight and I continued for a while, got myself 2 snape grass seeds, amazing.

When I come to the bank its full, I need to drop stuff to bank the new seed. I haven't been on the new continent yet, but can we please once get a bank increase with all these new items coming in the game over the last years?

Or maybe only an increase on iron man banks? They tend to collect more then normal accounts?

Honestly, having to go through the bank daily to drop stuff starts to get annoy!

10-Jan-2019 13:27:52



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Love the update so far, seems interesting and the new models and areas are just beautiful. Really fancy the farming updates too.
Can you, however, please add the option to withdraw NOTED items from the Tool Leprechaun, since you already reworked the UI? It'd be really helpful with taking out hundreds buckets of various composts that you make in case you want to bank them or sell them on GE.

EDIT: Adding "withdraw 15" to buckets would also be really neat, since the compost bin holds 15 buckets of compost right?

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