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This thread is to discuss the latest poll blog which can be found here.
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15-Jan-2019 18:09:13 - Last edited on 15-Jan-2019 18:14:13 by Mod Gambit

Sir Kvothe

Sir Kvothe

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Can you also please amend the poll to include a cosmetic change to the ferocious gloves? Currently, they don't cover your hands, so you can't really see them. I don't care that much, but actually being able to see them on those little Runescape meatball hands would be nice.

Q8: I think that's a must. It'd also be nice for it to have a chance of dropping an extra one as well. Once they're noted, it's easier to get more of them out into the economy if needed since it's a one-click stack.

Q9: Will this be to get to the Hydra for bossing, or just to receive stuff? Why not put the recovery chest right in the first room so people don't also use it to EZTele right to the boss?

Q13: It's good, but my main gripe is the crowds. It'd be nice to have a non-task and task-only room.

Q16: what if someone already completed it?

Also, can the recolored slayer helm perk be titled "Hydra Headgear"?

15-Jan-2019 18:44:22

Sir Doland
Jan Member 2020

Sir Doland

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About the hydra tail suggestion, this new ammo slot bonecrusher doesn't make the cut for it to be very useful imo. If it goes in ammo slot, crushes bones AND restores prayer points but lacks the +12 prayer bonus (and it would still require a dragonbone necklace), then it'd be an okay tradeoff.

Also I hope we can claim the new XP lamp if we've already completed Alliance miniquest. Thankfully the team rarely seem to overlook such details!

15-Jan-2019 19:29:54

What A Build
Mar Member 2018

What A Build

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While it's good that you're addressing the problems with the Lance and making it more viable, the same thing should be done about the Dragon Hunter Crossbow. It just feels very off that two weapons specifically made to kill this boss still are worse than the blowpipe.

15-Jan-2019 19:56:11

Coach Trip
Jun Member 2017

Coach Trip

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Here are some Konar drop ideas I thought of.

1. An imbue scroll for the Brine Sabre that would slightly increase accuracy and damage bonuses on task.

2. An attachment to Insulated Boots to provide decent stats similar, which would be ideal for killing Rune/Adamant Dragons.

3. An attachment for Holy Wraps that provide combat stats similar to those of Mithril gloves.

4. A magical cloth that wraps a blessing and Holy Wrench together which can be stored in the quiver to save an inventory slot.

5. 10% increased chance of clue scrolls when on a Konar task.

6. 10% increased chance of totem pieces and shared when on a Konar task in the Catacombs of Kourend when on a Konar task.

7. 10% increased likelihood of a superior encounter when on a Konar task.

8. Granite Pickaxe that would slot between Rune and Dragons items.

9. Granite Axe that would slot between Rune and Dragons items.

10. Granite bolt tips, dart tips, javelins, arrow heads and throwing axes.

11. Teletport scrolls to popular slayer caves, such as Kraken cove.

12. Untradeable RS3-style 'Spirits' for mining, woodcutting and herb farming that would give the chance of double resources when training the respective skills for a limited period of time.

13. An imbue for the Slayer Staff, which would have the chance of casting the spell without using runes.

15-Jan-2019 20:58:56



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For the Hydra slayer helmet add additional material cost:
- Hydra leather
- Hydra tail
It is to sink these items.

Also put a kc requirement for unlocking Hydra slayer helm recolor.

15-Jan-2019 22:35:22

Jan Member 2015


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Nice improvements, but the drakes drop table still needs a buff for how high of a slayer level it is. It takes a while to kill them and i'm close to max and i make less money than killing wyrms off task.

The Drakes need more unique drops or a better drop table to match the time it takes to kill them. I can't comment much on the Hydra as i'm only 90 slayer.
Drakes need a buff to be worth killing and not a blocked task

16-Jan-2019 01:33:33

Oct Member 2019


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The dragon hunter lance is in a niche spot where it's a poor-man's DHCB at vorkath or poorman's scythe at olm hand. To high level players, it's the dead-content lance, might I suggest that we make it a more viable weapon by giving it something that rivals the bolt effects (namely ruby and diamond). Add the hydra fang and the tail to the lance to make the Ouroborosian/Brimstone Lance. The tail will be consumed after X amount of charges like how whips are consumed by the abyssal tentacle.

- gives the tail a sink/use and has some nice lore to fit the brimstone theme
- dragon hunter lance is made competitive with DHCB without overtaking the DHCB in cost effectiveness

- any buffs to the lance may devalue DHCB or the scythe both of which are arguably harder to attain when compared to the DHL

16-Jan-2019 06:37:47

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