Sand and Auto Processes

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Buckets of Sand:

- Very bad idea. Would make crafting one of the easiest skills for ironmen. Thousands of buckets of sand by doing almost NOTHING, compared to the amount of work it takes now. Add in consistent giant seaweed runs and crafting is a breeze.

Sand Storm Spell
- Again, very bad idea. If it's anything like tan leather or spin flax, creating 7k+ buckets of sand/hour with some simple runes is way too easy. Please don't introduce a new spell just to help ironmen crafting take 1/5 of the time/effort.

Sandstone Mining
- My favourite idea for creating buckets of sand (of the ones suggested). Mining sandstone then crushing with a chisel or hammer while empty buckets are in your inventory seems the most plausible. Albeit, a bucket of sand is 2.5kg and the best sandstone you can mine is 10kg. Even not losing a spec of sand, you'd only get 4 buckets of sand per 10kg sandstone block. Add 15-20kg sandstone blocks (no or very little additional mining exp rewarded - this is to increase buckets of sand/hour, not mining exp/hour), this way it might be feasible to powermine 15-20kg sandstone blocks @ the quarry, tele to bank, then camulet/tele/fly/walk back to the quarry.

Barrel of Sand
- This is my own suggested idea. Introduce a new barrel (this could be scaled like birdhouses; the higher tier of logs used, the more kg of sand the barrel can hold) or something of that nature. Not just something you can buy from a shop for 5gp fresh off tutorial island. These barrels can hold 2-10x the amount of sand a bucket can, HOWEVER, they take 2-5x as long to fill. It would mean A LOT less running to and from bank, which would substantially increase the amount of sand you could collect per hour. These barrels would be compatible with the superglass make spell. After 2-5(?) uses, the barrels will be completely destroyed from the tremendous strain of the sand. NON-TRADABLE BARRELS.

- Yeli

07-Feb-2019 03:09:09

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Automation Process:

Cleaning Herbs
(raids included, not suggested unless you want a kick though :))
Crushing Secondries
(not familiar if everything herblore related is automated, but should be)
Cutting Fish
(barb fishing, aerial fishing)
Crushing Sandstone
(see second post in this thread)

07-Feb-2019 03:23:05



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For buckets of sand, what are the numbers now and what are the numbers would we like to reach, with the spot on entrana im able to bank 900~ buckets of sand without being full focused, has zero requirment and dont need to teleport at all. Is this something people are just trying to trade off with a way to get exp while gathering the item? Honestly if you were to increase the rate of gathering the sand i think it would be fine.

07-Feb-2019 06:17:25

Master zofas

Master zofas

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Automation of herblore

Please do not change the way grimy herbs are cleaned. It currently fits the general Runescape formula of click intensive+low exp gain= GP profit. If you automate this process you will kill the age old money maker of making (unf) potions. This is already extremely quick and easy (log onto mobile and you'll do 28 herbs in a few seconds).

If people don't want to clean their own herbs by simply clicking a few times then they have the option of buying pre cleaned herbs or even (unf) potions. The cost increase is because of the work decrease. As far as I'm aware, with my measly herblore level, crushing secondaries is already automated (nests, chocolate, unicorn horns) and if some are not then they should be made so as to keep in game consistency.

Sandstorm spell

In short, terrible idea. This makes an already easy/profitable skill even easier. If this was to be implemented it MUST be a money sink. High requirements for runes meaning that when used in combination with super glass make it is no longer profitable or even break even because of the reduced work load.

Sandstone mining

This I can get behind. Different size sandstone would create more or less buckets of sand. Consider having a location (or several) to crush this into sand instead of doing so in your inventory. Think something similar to milk/cream/butter. This could yield a small amount of crafting exp per bucket filled (5xp?) And could be failed (insert classic RS pun about there being a hole in my bucket). Maybe Burt could have a distant cousin (Liza).

In short, stop making buyable skills easier. If you really need to make things easier maybe consider buffing the slow skills. #Ezscape

07-Feb-2019 06:30:39

Not Dzop
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Not Dzop

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i really enjoy the more effort = more reward aspect of the game, for sand you cannot use a bucket on the sandpit every tick to get a sand, currently you have to use a bucket on the pit and wait for the automatic process that fills a bucket of sand every 2 ticks.

a really good update that would reward effort is making it possible to use a bucket on the pit every tick. this would yield double the sand per hour but also require way way more effort.

07-Feb-2019 07:38:59

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For Buckets of Sand:

Miscellania - This does not make sense in my opinion. They have no sand on the island. It also makes it too convenient for ironmen.

Sand Storm spell - I am happy for this to be implemented for higher levelled players. It should be like the Humidify spell or the Flax to Bowstring spell. If it is like the Humidify spell, make the rune cost higher.

Sandstone - This is a good idea for lower levelled players. 2kg per bucket of sand, so 10kg sandstone is equivalent to 5 buckets of sand. If this is implemented, it should either include:
• A NPC that notes your sandstone, or
• The Desert Quary as a new Magic Carpet destination. That way, you can travel to Sophanem to bank, and then back to the Desert Quary.

I prefer having one or both of the two options: Sand Storm spell and Sandstone.
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The main things I can think of where there's no auto-making feature are:

cracking coconuts
making coconut milk
all steps of guthix restore

There's also fletching but I feel having that trigger could be overpowered, or using interfaces would change too much of the game.

I also feel buckets of sand aren't needing of speeding up. We already have Bert who gathers sand every day?
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07-Feb-2019 09:39:50

Tiger Loaf
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Tiger Loaf

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I like the idea of the sand storm spell. People complaining are those who collected buckets from charters and have the "i did it so you have to as well" mentality. Really whats the problem? Imagine if plank make spell didn't exist, that's a far quicker way of obtaining planks than manually going to the sawmill. If people are that butthurt add a coin cost per bucket of sand when you cast the spell.

As for misc - I'd rather have my resources in herbs so no thanks

As for sandstone - that means mining so double no

07-Feb-2019 11:19:47

Guesty NL
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Guesty NL

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Buckets of Sand:

- Would be to good for ironman and would make banking crafting supplies to passive.

Sandstorm spell
- I like this idea, it should either be like the string jewellery spell with normal rune costs, or like the tan leather spell with high rune or gp costs.

Sandstone mining
- I like this idea as well, it makes gathering crafting supplies less of a bank standing grind. It will also give another use to the desert hard diary by giving acces to a teleport close to the quarry.

07-Feb-2019 11:42:18

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