6th Birthday and QoL

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This thread is for discussing the latest game update post which can be found here.
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Moon Sky
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"Combat Styles

Weapons that share a category (daggers, swords, bows etc.) will now remember the combat style that was used. For example, if you equip a Rune sword and select the Aggressive option before switching to another weapon like a bow and changing style to Accurate, switching back to the Rune sword will retain the Aggressive combat style. "

YES! Thank you so much for this

21-Feb-2019 11:14:11

Emperor Dupe

Emperor Dupe

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Autocast Options

Magical weapons which share the same spell selections will now remember previously chosen spells for autocasting. This means you can switch between your various weapons, knowing that the same spell will be ready when you switch back to your staff or wand! Note that your autocast selection will not be remembered in PvP areas.

You lot never fail to disappoint.

Not long till the Laws change, & then you can continue lying to yourselves about the game steadily growing.

You never stuck to the Mission Statement since day 1, & to be gifted with such a great Game & to turn it into pig-shit & expect a pat on the back. Please ..
....... West & drop a single ore.

21-Feb-2019 11:23:33



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Excited for the update where it remembers the combat style you choose when switching weapons! :)

Also, auto-casting jewelry!
Knowledge is power; and so is dynamite. Both are dangerous unless handled wisely

21-Feb-2019 11:28:34

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Great updates :)

By the way, there is a apostrophe for "lot's" that shouldn't be there:

Make sure to join us on our Twitch channel tomorrow (Friday 22nd) at 3pm GMT to further celebrate Old School's 6th birthday! We'll spend this time to look back on the history of Old School. You can also expect lot's of stats and information from our analytics team.
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21-Feb-2019 11:38:08

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