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I want really badly to see a stealing creation like minigame in OSRS. I love the idea of a combat and skilling minigame where you start off with nothing and you make different tiers of supplies and gear to use against the enemy team. I know a lot of people agree and there are large forum threads about it. It would be awesome if you took the idea of stealing creation and used an elf themed forest map for it. Instead of using clay to make things it could be crystals which you obtain from gathering skills and use to craft things. Not all content should be about progression, it is a game after all, the small fun activities like clan wars are some of my favorite things to do. The minigame could reward a different type of tool seed for farming, smithing, crafting, and runecrafting, along with cosmetic gear. I think a lot of people would really enjoy a minigame like this and it would provide incentive to level skills up.

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