Crystal Armour Balancing

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I definitely want to see this armor stay relevant. I like the previous poster's idea about morphing, but I don't think it should morph the entire armor set. For example I'd like to be able to consider using it someplace like the God Wars Dungeon, and if I was ranging with the crystal bow against the Saradomin boss I'd like to have my helmet and possibly even leg armor remain melee mode. If this is too hard to do without keeping the whole set on the lower end of stats though, I'd much rather it be stronger with more limitations. Again--I want this set to feel like something I'd actually want to use, not a novelty. It doesn't have to be overpowered, but it should be competitive with barrows gear at least.

As a side note I like the idea of making other crystal weapons have higher attack speed with full set bonus, then add a quiver to add damage and/or accuracy for the bow. This way you wouldn't necessarily need the full set to make the crystal bow decent, but it would be "more better" with the set as well. I can't really think of a way to improve the crystal shield at the moment other than possibly adding melee/range/mage accuracy on it if you're wearing the full armor set. Adding more defense would also work, but it seems like a cop out, if you will. Might be the best option though, I'm not sure.

Edit: if you add a crystal quiver, I want to see it be like a blessing in that it's just a passive item you equip to your ammo slot to buff the bow, not some stupid thing you gotta supply arrows or charges to. That's the entire gimmick of the crystal bow--to have no ammo and degrade as it's used. If you force us to use some limited ammo or use thing in our quiver then it's just like other ranged weaponry (i.e. it kills the unique identity of the weapon).

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Blackbelt said:
Could the crystal armour look like the crystal shield in terms of graphics? Back in 2007, I always imagined crystal armour to be see through like the shield, kind of like ghostly robes but they cant see your face.

xLiládeviláx said:
I think the Crystal Armor design I have seen thus far looks ugly. I agree with the above poster that it should more resemble the Crystal shield and not have poo brown on it at all. I don't think any of the Crystal armor, tools or weapons should have any brown on them. TBH even the images of the city walls with the brown on them mixed with Crystal if the brown was changed to another color. The brown just does not look good with it at all.

The style design should look more " Elvish" , the armor design I saw looked awkward, and not really like the other elves you see throughout Tirannwn. I haven't seen a female armor design at all yet, but I am hoping it will be a two piece skirt set with maybe an asymmetrical short skirt and top designed more like Eluned's but with a Crystal Shield design color and texture. That would actually look nice.

I hope you guys are still willing to work on the designs to come up with something that will actually look nice when finished rather than rush through what has already been made.

This. The Crystal Armor design as proposed looks more like Ice Armor from the far north (like in Skyrim the Stalhrim armor). This is Crystal--not Stalhrim.

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