QoL and W45 Changes

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This thread is for discussing the latest game update post which can be found here.
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About the Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott Ramble.

Has it been unavailable or why is this in the news?, has it been redesigned or something?

Also i would like to know why the links to the official forums in your news always are broken or timed out (ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT)
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I posted this on /r/2007scape as well in the announcement thread. Reposting here for visibility.

I think there is a bug with the new special attack orb. Whenever I click the special attack orb it also ends up clicking somewhere randomly in the southwest corner of the map, causing my character to run that way. It is 100% reproducible.

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So I guess I had too much time on my hands, and did some price testing for herbs on the Deadman Grand Exchange since an hour ago (16:00 GMT). Here are the results:

[herb name, cleaned buy price, grimy buy price, cleaned sell price, grimy sell price]

guam leaf 999 10000 100 60
marrentill 499 1 0 0
tarromin 300 300 2 204
harralander 500 1000 0 777
ranarr weed 29575 8000 4605 7250
toadflax 19999 >30000 8107 ?
irit leaf >75000 >50000 0 1000
avantoe 4400 1645 2200 1412
kwuarm >50000 4900 ? 4000
snapdragon >50000 >50000 ? ?
cadantine >50000 1235 ? 828
lantadyme 2000 865 0 21
dwarf weed 4900 1000 670 583
torstol 34999 20000 15050 15050

(Let me know how to format a table and I can edit it...)

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This is a two part idea...
First priority to create an advantage to future dmm seasons through w45 profiles.
Second, create an item/coin sink in w45, and reinvigorate W45 Population numbers.

So my idea is that the next dmm season earns points like the leagues setup. Those points or a portion of the xp earned in the dmm season would carry over to the w45 world.

Portal between w45 and active seasons... I dont believe items from seasons should be able to transfer over other than potential for clue items....
I think items from w45 should be able to transfer over to seasons. It should take 10 whips on w45 to = 1 whip in season.

this would create item/gp sink in w45 and increase total pop on 45. It would also give players advantage early in sdmm.
it would allow people over time to build their w45 account through time spent in seasonals as well.


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