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This thread is for discussing the latest game update newspost which can be found here.
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I know that Mod Ash reads this kind of stuff and i know its out of this discussion but would it be possible to open a few worlds that have current death mechanics applied to ironmen only. Lets say if they die they keep stuff like usual but if they switch to normal worlds normal 2.5min death mechanics would apply to them. But it should be ironmen only. would be a massive gold sink back in the game and everybody would be happy. Since there is no more ddosing, i think this is good to go.

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" Pures: If you were affected by the XP Bug or gained unwanted experience as a result of the Attack Style change in February only, don't forget to submit an Account Help ticket to get it resolved. More information can be found in this newspost. "

Should've made it a toggle option, much like the shift-click drop action is ...

" A few isolated single-way combat tiles in the Wilderness have been made multi-way combat. "

Are these tiles near the Lava Maze Rune Rocks?
MP1 ... ?
Cancer Cure Hits the Market! Car-T Cells Youtube.
120 day life cycle of Cancer cells?

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Can we get a fix to the ignore list, when adding those spammer bots, half of the things people say in public chat doesn't show up, However after clearing ignore list, everything shows up like normal again

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The seed vault is really well made and I think it is a useful resource for all players!:) Well done!

One suggestion: is it possible to make it remember your favorites when you withdraw all of them? I am used to withdraw the whole stack of seeds from the bank when I go on a farm run. As of now, the fault will forget about the favorite and it will place the seed back in the corresponding tab when you put it back into the vault.

nonetheless the vault is awesome, thanks for the update :)

Greetings, Bob
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i just spent more than 20 minutes trying to find a place that i am able to submit a ticket for the xp bug.

its not in support section

or in account

or on forums

or linked anywhere

where and how do i submit a ticket for this?

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