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This thread is for discussing the latest announcement that you can find here.
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How long would the grace period be exactly for the rings? Also for this, poll results shouldn't be hidden, the community should see the results for something this big throughout. Having them hidden can make it easy just to push through even if it is unwanted by the community. ^_^

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I'm open to the idea of warding, but I would want to know a lot more detail about these skilling rings before I ever voted yes to this. Anything that makes the already existing skills easier is a big NO from me. Anyone requesting updates to make ironman easier should be renamed wannabe-man and have their ironman icon replaced with a dunce hat.

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fairly interesting but a few thoughts on warding,

why not just combine warding and runecraft together instead into a skill called runic craft ? like making melee weapons and armor is one skill not two, runes are part of magic so why not just combine runecraft and warding and give runecraft some love, make creating runes a part of the skill like making darts is part of fletching and smithing and requires a quest to do so

there should be a way for players to make tailsmans for runecraft or buy them from npcs

Abraxas should be able to get received from non monster drop ways or other players for skillers or people who don't want to have to fight for abraxas, like npcs or skilling

f2p needs hands and boots slots

what about being able to make magic weapons like staffs, wands, offhand etc

can we have more npcs that sell items needed for warding?

f2p needs options for level 10, 20, 30, 40 magic armor and items like melee does

i like the silk farming and silk moths but can we have the option to try and breed silk moths as well? could be part of farming so players can hunt for moths or try and breed them

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Such pointless game content that the proposal almost reads like an April Fools' post.

All I like is the idea of moving ring imbues away from NMZ towards something else because NMZ was itself a terrible update at the time. (Uncorrected in half a decade, but it's never too late.)

If OSRS is going to have a new skill it needs to be the absolute best idea, adding something totally valuable and new to the game (but consistent with the theme of OSRS) in the ways that Runecrafting, Slayer, Farming and Construction did.

Warding sounds more like a skill-for-the-sake-of-a-skill, and let's face it the basic idea is just copying Tailoring from World of Warcraft and giving it a silly name (look up the verb "ward" in a dictionary and none of the meanings have anything in common with this skill - it is also a word that has never appeared anywhere in RuneScape before).

I never felt a lack of mage gear, but you could just add more sets to the Crafting skill. RS doesn't need to have Leatherworking vs. Tailoring as two separate skills just because WoW does. By the time you're adding Summoning-esque so-called "Battle Wards" to make the proposal seem more interesting it's pretty clear that the central idea of the skill is so weak that it's time to go back to the drawing board. Battle Wards have the same problem that Summoning itself does: any buff is either going to be useless and unused or overpowered and game-changing, there is very little middle-ground. Actual Summoning back in the 2008 went the path of overpowered and game-changing (30 more inventory spaces!) and was actually really fun at the time but deeply and irreversibly changed the game.

Skills like Slayer, Runecrafting, Construction and Farming in their initial releases were really simple ideas - kill monsters for access to new monsters, produce runes, build your own house, grow plants - that were so good that they didn't need anything extraneous added. Can the same be said of Warding?

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seems to go like rs3,alot of players don't want it but why poll it if your agenda is to put it in game, i tought you guys would listen to the players yea right,alot of people will quit for sure,so sad to see osrs evolve into rs3

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Totally not sold on this skill yet. It is way too vague what the skill is actually about (like how it's actually trained). Maybe it's me, but i barely understood anything that was just posted on the front page.

The only thing i understood was the summoning and invention part of the skill.
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TinyáHost said:
This adds nothing to the game that couldn't be added to an existing skill. Sailing pls

Nope. Sailing already failed it's poll before.

Also, I see a lot of ungrateful players here who just don't want change in osrs, and you know what?

You are the problem with osrs polls. If proposed game content doesn't pass and keeps failing to pass, the game gets boring and stagnant. People quit. Game dies, and it'd be the fault of people who, Guthix forbid, can't accept change in a game that is clearly not the same as it was in actual 2007!

Warding will work. Give it a chance, OSRS could benefit in player numbers and content with a new skill rs3 doesn't have. It's not divination, it's not invention, it is its own damn thing, and people who don't read and vote no to every poll out of spite are wrong that the game is becoming rs3.

I hope jagex stands firm and forces Warding through just to spite those awful matter what marketing tag line or promise they make to players that it's the players game, ultimately jagex are the devs and usually know what's best for the game in the long run.

*glances over at Deadman mode*

Oh, I almost forgot.
Oh, I already forgot.

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