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This thread is for discussing the latest Song of the Elves Poll Blog: Additional Content which can be found here.
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Much better than before, good job.

I am okay with the changes to the armour, it now makes sense. I am slightly disappointed you didn't take this opportunity to make a new hybrid armour; but that is fine, you didn't break the combat triangle either, like the previously suggested stats would have.

You also did a much better job of being less ambiguous in rates and things, so we as players can make informed decisions. My only complaint is:

Crystal Trees

Nowhere in here does it say how many crystal shards it will grant. Furthermore, I am assuming the different type of crystal seeds you trade-in for one of these seeds will be weighed differently? You list the types of seeds you can trade in with the NPC, but nowhere does it state the amounts.

This lack of information is not acceptable if you want the playerbase to make an informed decision. Please try to be as detailed as possible, as you were throughout the rest of the blog.

Thank you for the revised blog though, overall, so much better than before.
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Great job!
The biggest worry I have is that the Prif diary will vastly increase the difficulty of obtaining the diary cape (which is already difficult to achieve). My alternate idea: make the Prif diary a higher tier of diary, with completion of the Prif diary (and any future higher tier diaries) required for trimming the diary cape. Right now the trimmed diary cape is automatically obtained since it’s trimming requirement is also a requirement for the cape. This would allow the trimmed cape to be seen as a higher variant of the regular cape without increasing the difficulty of obtaining the current cape.

The rest of this diary looks awesome, the divine potions will be nice and I don’t think they will shift the game too much. Will creating these offer a new herblore training method as well? Or will the creation of these be low xp with a profit?

10-May-2019 20:40:10

Iron Gubzs
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Iron Gubzs

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I'm very concerned about the proposed usage rates of these crystal shards for some content.

You say you expect "50 shards per hour" as your earn rates, this implies:

-Roughly 1 hour of shard farming to imbued a crystal bow or halberd, this is over 10 times the current amount of time required to imbue these items.

-Roughly 15 minutes of shard farming to use a crystal key, per key. That loot had better be really good if you're gonna spend an entire hour and 4 crystal keys to open the chest four times.

-6 hours of farming to make a set of crystal armor that degrades after 2500 damaging hits taken. The cost is reasonable, the degrade rate isn't. That is stupidly fast, is this armor supposed to be used for safespotting?

-1 hour of farming for 1250 attacks with the new sword. This is actually reasonable.

Also just my opinion, but
these diary rewards aren't good enough
. That "x%" chance of double crystal shards from all sources" should be more like 10% at elite tier, not 4%, especially with the projected earn and consumption rates of this resource.

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iron itg
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This is a major change to the accessibility / utility of the crystal bow/shield (both hobbled by modern standards); I strongly disagree with doing this.

It's locking the ability to use the crystal bow w/o deterioration behind a new quest.

It's dramatically increasing the time required to imbue a crystal bow.

Imbuing the crystal bow should be fast and easy considering the degradation is really a legacy limitation placed for balancing purposes back when the only high-level ranged alternatives were rune knives or magic shortbow.

11-May-2019 01:36:37

Abtronic X

Abtronic X

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Agility course: are you saying that this new course will be as fast as the Ardy course (which is for 90+ agi)? No thanks.
Crystal impling is just too much for me. I don't support it.
Crystal tree like hell no.
Achi. diary: the elite reward is a no-no. Obtaining more crystal should belong to the hard one. Maybe the elite could give a 5% xp boost for slayer worldwide.

I support the rest though.

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