Hosidius Rework

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This thread is to discuss the latest game update newspost found here.
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In the last PvP blog there was decided teleblock would become F2P when will it be implemented if you have any idea? Thanks

And good job on reforming Hosidius it was really needed :P
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Great updates :)

By the way there are a couple of typos in this paragraph:

Now that the buildings that used to take up space here are being moved to the new Hosidius Town, there is more room to place parks and houses for the
within the castle area. This will help create a buffer around Hosidius House and make
look less like a kingdom sized city.
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Hi, I always have to get used to these type of updates, but this one really seems like an improvement. I just miss my fruit stall! Where has it been moved to? It is such a great source for Strange Fruits :-)


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not fan of changes the cooking building...
seems less open

and design choices seem questionable....

also hope no low lv hcim were logged out in that bank...
that place seems really dangerus now

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