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This thread is for discussing the latest newspost that you can find here.
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How about the bolas? I thought they would be added in LMS aswell but nothing mentioned in the blog.

As a last point isn't it possible to receive negative exp lamps for certain account builds?
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Lewis Shoot
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Deadman Cosmetic Armour - Cool looking gear and gives a fun way to get it in the main game.
Trouver Parchment - Sounds useful for PvP and the wildy however why is this being offered in last man standing? I think there could be a better place for this such as bounty hunter and wilderness slayer.
Halos - I like the idea of more halos but right now they are very much a castle wars reward. It fits with castle wars because castle wars uses god based teams but last man standing has no link to this. Could you add some link (or lore) as to why these are in last man standing.
3 Speed 1-Handed Weapon - A better fitting weapon is a great idea, although I again question if it's necessary from LMS. I feel like a training dagger from the lummy tutors would suffice.
Guthixian Icon/Staff of Balance - Another nice idea but why is this coming from LMS? Maybe, like with the halos, there should be a god link/lore for the minigame.
Combat XP Rewards - Great idea, provides a great alternative method to train skills without other combat XP. Might change the meta around 10hp and similar accounts though.
Points Exchange - Sounds great. If there was a higher value drop that offered a pet I think there would be a lot more activity. Maybe pet hunters would hate it but how many people actually hunt them all?

All in all I think this would be a great change. I would just like more explanations for some of these rewards to be introduced other than "we needed a reward"
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Can you guys actually cut it out with arbitrary completion items? Its one of the laziest things Ive ever seen. How about try to make your content fun and engaging and give people an actual reason to play it instead of just saying. “We dont care if you like this or not, do x activity hundreds/thousands of times for an item saying you did”. I get the idea behind it and for challenge mode raids and theatre of blood the idea is good (because the content is hard) but the execution was horrible (5k originally lowered to 2k which is still ridiculously absurd) like do you guys even think before you come up with these ideas, or do you just have a wheel you spin that tells you how many completions you should do to get an item. Here are some good examples of completion content with arbitrary items : champion scrolls (most take ~5-10 hours to get each, rng based), gauntlet cape (prestigious but not some stupidly absurd time sink for no reason). Bad examples : cm/tob capes (absurdly long for no reason, its been over a year and 2 people have the cm cape and both talk about how absurd it was), 5k bh kill hat, this cape, what do they all have in common? Theyre all pointless extensions to the content. If you want people to do your content thousands of times, give them a reason to, make it fun, add rewards that make people come back. Dont just slap an arbitrary time sink on it because all it does is make it less fun and make people feel forced to do it/leads to boosting. Its a minigame for gods sake. A minigame. Imagine any other minigame with something like this on it. “Deliver 10k pieces of food at gnome restaurant to get an untradeable gnome hat”, “complete 5k games of castle wars for a banner”, “play 2500 games of trouble brewing for a pirate hat”. Yea theyre all horrible, cheap and lazy ways of forcing people onto the content. Im surprised you guys havent learned from the cm/tob capes. You need to understand that this is very lazy game development

15-Aug-2019 14:34:45

Chief Sonic
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Chief Sonic

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Ehhhhh the main reward i wanted was the negative xp lamps so i could do more questing...

ADMIN PLEASE: Could you take a look and
bank slots to the seed vault. You can hold every seed and sapling except 2...

Also just more bank space in general. Especially if you plan on adding a billion recolors and halos and stuff... im always packed.

15-Aug-2019 22:10:23

Legacy IX

Legacy IX

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Now the poll results are in there needs to be additional suggestions to be added to the rewards shop. The rewards that passed as they stand are a bit underwhelming and don't provide enough incentive to play the minigame. Im slightly confused as to why xp rewards and the points exchange didn't pass seeing as the xp rewards were less than what already exists in pest control. Maybe its worth asking people who voted no to that why exactly they were against that or if it was just blind no voting against anything good for PvP.

I am however glad to see we got some rewards to pass and its obviously a massive improvement on having no rewards. Maybe the new minigame could be released with the current passed rewards and some other new ones are polled/added in future updates.

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