The Fremennik Exiles

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This thread is for discussing the latest game announcement that you can find here.
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I would love to see both this quest and the Neitiznot faceguard added to the game - but could additional unique items also be considered? Perhaps similar upgrades to related Fremennik equipment like the Farseer helm, Berserker helm, and Archers helm, or altogether newly introduced items and/or perks.

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Looks great!, i really hope this will pass the votes although i am not sure that it will, hopefully the RC xp reward will be enough to convince enough people.

The only thing i didn't like completely is the Faceguard, being scandinavian myself i don't feel it gives a real viking look, i would personally prefer it looked more like this:

Having the Faceguard covering the whole face just doesn't feel historical accurate, not that i am an expert in any way. But perhaps you could add a vote to the existing poll questions with 3 different looks of the faceguard?
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+6 Strength bonus and +5 Prayer bonus along with more Defences? Are you nuts?

Make it +4 Strength and +4 Prayer (+5 at the absolute most). +6 is just... why?

Voting no without this change. Too much power creep.

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No support for Helmet.

The helmet is OP. You're devaluing Serpentine Helm for no reason.

Other than that, good content.
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I like everything except for the fact that it sounds like you're adding in a new monster that can only be fought on slayer tasks.

Right now, the way we have it is that slayer tasks can allow you to fight monsters in a better location than their traditional location, but you could still kill them at the traditional location off-task. I don't like the idea of having an entire species totally locked behind a slayer task. They should just have an extra room only available for those on slayer tasks to be consistent with the current system.

27-Aug-2019 13:48:50

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I love the helmet maybe the extra str bonus over serpentine helm is a but to much even if it doesnt add a extra max hit. I would like a helmet with a combinaison of strenght and attack bonus instead of just a increasing str value. A combinaison between a serptine helm and faceguard to make a new helm could be in consideration to not devalue serpentine helm and the hunt for a mutagen otherwise I don't see the new helm have any use since the poison effect on the serpentine helm is used for raid and the 1 extra strenght is pointless as of right now.

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It seems odd to me that you would have +6 Strength and +3 Prayer for the bonuses of this helmet.

I still believe the Strength bonus should be reduced to +5.
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27-Aug-2019 16:16:15

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Love the helm, the stats almost don't even matter, I'd vote for it even if it was only cosmetic since I've always hated the appearance of the current Neitiznot, despite it being somewhat iconic. Anyone requesting updates to make ironman easier should be renamed wannabe-man and have their ironman icon replaced with a dunce hat.

27-Aug-2019 16:47:42

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Love the idea of fleshing out more Fremmenik lore quests, and love the Basilisk Knights idea--mid level Slayer monsters being locked behind master level quests give mid level mains something else to work towards while working towards Barrows Gloves, and I love that.

The only things I would change are:

Helm should have +5 str bonus, not +6. Literally doubling the strength bonus of the nezzy just feels... excessive, especially for a master quest (Grandmaster might be different)

Equipping the helm should be locked behind exiles, not isles.

In my opinion, polls should include the drop rate + expected kills / hr of new pieces of gear like this, so we have some idea of the price it may end up at. Say something like, "The drop rate is 1/1000. We expect a character with 60 attack, strength and defense, in medium-tiered gear would be able to get 60 kills per hour. A maxed player in BIS gear would be able to get 120 kills per hour."

I think the drop rate should be something like 1/500 - 1 / 700--fairly rare, but not insane like the Dragon Warhammer.

Overall, I'm SUPER stoked for this update! Fantastic job, and keep pumping out the quests! I've ABSOLUTELY LOVED all of the high-level quest content that Jagex has pushed out since OSRS release (MM2, DS2, SOTE being the big ones), and this quest being more geared towards mid level mains, I think is great.

It's always nice when a quest is released that I actually want to do, it makes getting my quest cape back much less of a chore, lol.

27-Aug-2019 18:35:49

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