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I congratulate Jagex on re-killing Runescape PVP!
after the release of OSRS, you have confirmed your mistakes on which you have updated on Runescape.

Now Jagex!
You are trying to update osrs in the completely wrong direction i promise!

Worsening guns and tightening a lot of requirements for weapons is not the way to go!
OSRS is a Game where PVP create accounts for that PVP builds.
You killig so many accounts in setting new requerments and nerfing items.

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Thank you as always, team!

Please please improve the Divine potions' sprite! They look very distorted and do not fit the potion artstyle at all. They simpy look ugly and out of place.

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Does anyone realize how disproportionate 2019 has been with unpolled changes? Or changes that failed a poll, but were then implemented anyway?

Why would anyone with an IQ over 3 think that the standard spellbook should be as powerful as Ancients?

Why would they think nerfing a classic weapon with a whole account build based around it would be viewed favorably?

The only polled update here was a slight change to the elf graphics with were implemented without a poll in the first place.

I have no doubt in my mind that Mod Mat K left because he know they were about to ruin the game as they're doing now. Just add MTX already, Jagex. We all know you're going to; what's to stop you? The polls that you "care so much about," that you'll "never go against?"

05-Sep-2019 13:56:28

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Roll on the new quest.

97 slayer boss next plox <3

updatedark beats etc so many high slayer level monsters pointless now

I also heard on a Q&A someone ask about hydra tails because as we have said for ages an you know yourself they are pointless.

You said you will look at it in future, but polled the bone whip and failed....

where was that poll??? what to the twitchers to the reditt because there was no official poll. Crazy, but you wanna nerf gmaul the pker main weapon. What if we wanted to learn to pk you want us to go straight to dds? Just another big ass gap. LMS is a load of shit too for normal players. Put ranks so people fight people there own skill if you gonna force it. Whats the point of us joining to get smashed by the same players who are pk kings.

get better i hear someone say in the future. Na id rather not pk. thats the mentality you are forcing.

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ďInexpensive High KO potentialĒ. But DDS is cool? Like just let people PK. There is only serious, money-making potential at the highest levels, no one in the low tiers do it for cash.

Iíve been playing this game for 12 years and now youíre messing with the base set ups of pking? Remember what happened with EOC? You changed the game so much 90% of your player base quit? You had to bring RS2 back AND up the membership prices to just counterbalance these bad decisions?

.... Yeah back to the slippery slope. All I know is if you do this again, Iím definitely not restarting on the next reboot of my accounts. Itís a joke that we players put in massive amounts of time and effort then you throw it back in our faces.

- An overjoyed hater of Jagex

PS: Iíve started playing again after 5 years, and somehow this community has become more trash. Iíve yet to meet a player who isnít an outright moron for no apparent reason. Iím assuming this is bc of unwanted updates you just implement of your own judgement.

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The update seems a bit fishy today and I'm glad everyone has been catching on.

First off I want to assure you Jagex that we do NOT WANT that new welcome screen it looks way too much like RUNESCAPE 3. Why are you attempting to change the welcome screen we have used for YEARS?

Some of these failed poll changes need to stop as well as well as unpolled changes. I thought this was OUR game Jagex, why are you not polling these rash PVP and other content changes?

Word of advice Jagex do not forget what makes old-school rs unique and special and better than "Newscape 3"

Also if the OSRS logo in mobile could be changed back to the classic original logo that would be great as it looked much better and cleaner.

05-Sep-2019 15:50:08

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