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This thread is for discussing the latest newspost that you can find here.
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I don't understand what the problem is with Magic Defense.

By making Defense count for 50% instead of 30%, all you're doing is nerfing the Magic Defense of lower Defense accounts such as Pures and Zerkers for no reason. Why would PVPers ever be in favour of doing this, and why would you force it in?

The fact you aren't applying this change to PVM either is the cherry on top that makes this so silly and pointless.
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I'm happy about the POW advertisement board. Will be more tranquility outside of the houses now.

Magic defence calculations changes:
Do not change the core of the game! Revert it next thursday.


"Stun effects in the Chambers of Xeric can no longer be dodged by lighting fires."

"The amount of Agility experience received from shortcuts within Kruk's Dungeon has been reduced."

Very good. Two small changes with massive effect.

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I quit the game due to the severe lack of PvP variety for the magic skill, but still rarely stop by the forums. Looking at this magic defense change:

70 defense accounts will now have an effective magic defense level of: 109, previously it was around 107. Not any major changes here which is good.

At higher levels with 99 defense though it changes to: 127, previously it was 120.

This NERFS the magic skill at higher levels which I suspect is not what people has in mind. The formula should stay as is. Let's not try balancing the game around low level pures, that just creates issues for everyone else. Magic's accuracy is where it should be, it shouldn't be any better nor should it be worse.

EDIT: Oh and if you're trying to make mage pures more balanced....well, that's what you get for taking pre eoc's approach of damage boosts. Should've made magic damage tied in with magic levels instead.

Good change about imbued godcapes though....should've been that way from the start.

SinReturns23 said:
Magic defense change is needed. It will balance the combat triangle.

It's not needed at all and the combat triangle IS balanced. The issue is the ridiculous lack of variety and item dependency issues. So want to help the magic skill? Then make things like Sotd less necessary and things like trashbark more viable.

EDIT: Just noticed that prayers no longer reduces binds of standards, so if anything, magic might actually be borderline to being overpowered least, when it comes to mage tanks that is. I could already get kills through prot from mage as by the time I used entangle and TB, they were too low on supplies for the reduced bind times to matter. And now, I wouldn't even need good timing with them.
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