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This thread is for discussing the latest announcement that you can find here.
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26-Nov-2019 07:48:51

Oct Member 2019


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the rewards are a huge disappointment. You tried too hard to bring depth to the game and failed to provide any real end game content like the previous raid boss weapons. You are ultimately make the kodai wand, a weapon you released 2 years ago worthless. Releasing a armour set similar to justicisar that will very quickly become worthless. Why are we suppose to give 100s of hours of ours lives for iteams that aren't even considered meta? Really disappointed with the development team's lack of game knowledge.

What Joy is there to getting a staff drop if its useless without a orb drop.
What's the point in the mace if you don't have the armour set.
You are trying to make us commit more hours to the game for shitty weapons and youre ultimately taking the joy out of getting a meta boss drop because it will be incomplete.

The weapons are all niche based and none is all applicable.
You're slaughtering the armours value by tieing its usefullness to crush weapons only.

Instead of finding a way to enhance the quality of gameplay with new weapon and armour releases. You're trying to run around the current meta by releasing iteams that are niche based. You then made a end game boss that drops gear made for pure pking. You failed to grasp occam's razor and these are the worse boss drop releases i've ever seen in my 17 years of playing runescape.

26-Nov-2019 13:45:49 - Last edited on 26-Nov-2019 14:06:38 by Seneca†The†E

Jul Member 2018


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Honestly, having seen the BH2 rewards as they were first suggested and released into beta, I lost 90% of my confidence in whoever around at Jagex is responsible for balancing content so the game stays healthy

This, this right here knocks the rest of my confidence in the balancing team off the board

A staff EQUAL in magic damage bonus to the toxic staff and the kodai wand with LESS requirements at a laughable 65 magic and no attack level?


Literally all the other high end magic weapons will be instantly obsolete, worthless.
You're one upping a highly sought 90M weapon with something that requires what, 30% of the EXP to wield?
On top of this the tome, at 75 mage, with 10% mage damage and +25 accuracy? Mate, mate what? Take a look at the Arcane Spirit Shield and its requirements and think about this one again.

A 30 Def armor set with strength bonus equal to 65 def bandos armor with POSITIVE MAGIC ACCURACY?


And also yet another level 75 attack weapon, practically equal in stats to the rapier, except that it's 50% slower. Why? What's the point? There is a 75 attack crush weapon, significantly better one. Dead content. Even if it was at the same speed, still, why add it to this stat bracket when there already is something for the same purpose.

I cannot understand how someone over there came up with this and the rest of the team gave this the go-ahead. This is a whole professional level of neglect.

But, the silver lining;
Props for suggesting a mage special attack, that one's great but mate, think the staff itself through. Heck, I'll have a plain staff for stats if we can get a magic special attack in game that isn't the fourth version of a 1 minute melee protect spell.
The tome itself is a cool idea too but cap it at +3-5% mage damage and +17-20 accuracy. No attachments. Find a different way to not totally void existing items of purpose.

I like new content, but balance it right. Please.

26-Nov-2019 14:13:15

Oct Member 2019


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I'm sorry, I don't like this content. Rather see other things instead.

(Edit, only posting this on the official OSRS forum and not on Reddit, because in my experience, people like to downvote other's opinion.)

26-Nov-2019 14:41:21 - Last edited on 26-Nov-2019 14:43:16 by Fox†of†Iron

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They made a end game boss drop armour and weapons for pure pkers lol. Its a complete joke.... People are going to run around the wild 1 hitting each other for a few weeks until they nerf it and kill the iteams value.

It's like people who have never played the game before are deciding what moves forward.

it's like no one learned from the blowpipe, balista mistakes.

They aren't building new updates to support a higher lvl gameplay with better weapons. Instead they're trying to build around the 99 hp, def boundries that have been the base premises for damage adjustment.

The whole point of moving the game forward is to introduce updates that allows for a higher level gameplay. This just works around whats been in the game for 2 decades and fails to provide anything new to the quality of the overall game.

If you look at the last couple weapons updates, its clear that the development team is stuck with their dick in their hands. Instead of introducing added variables into the existing gameplay they're creating iteams with the same power value but with niche needs. e.g. rapier, blade and now mace.

Their purpose is to suck up more gold from our banks and adds no real value to the quality of gameplay.

Jagex is making updates to maintain the economy so they can continue to sell gold instead of pushing the quality of the game forward. Youre slowly killing the game, please change how you make major decisions.

26-Nov-2019 14:53:52

Jan Member 2019


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Pretty disappointing tbh, the new tome straight up devalues arcane since it's better in every way except defense which isn't a point for a mage shield. The armour has potential but needs more negative slash/stab bonuses otherwise it's just a discount bandos (also 30 defense? Who decided that?)
Mage specs is a good beginning to making mage relevant in this game.
Staff is fine I guess.
Overall either very niche or straight up better/worse versions of already existing items.

26-Nov-2019 15:19:03

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The background sounds very interesting, and i'm always happy to see new, original content which slots in nicely, fitting with the theme of the game.

That being said, as soon as you get into the rewards, all hope is instantly lost. Balance and logic go completely out of the window on this one. The requirements for the new equipment are far too low, given the stats of the items.

I think for one, the mace as it stands isn't too bad.

The staff with a special attack is a worthy shout but reduce it's stats a little and increase the level requirements. Perhaps 75 magic and 70 attack. Don't think 3 orbs are necessary. One to reduce tick speed, one for special attack is all that is needed.

The armour is completely unnecessary, just stick with what we've got rather than trying to fill a void which doesn't need to be filled.

26-Nov-2019 16:12:36

Jul Member 2018


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I normally don't reply to any of your updates, I rarely even vote.
Mainly because most of the things you -Jagex- suggest, are quite easy to go along with.

That being said, this will be the first time I do have a say.

First of all the background story = great
Artwork = great
Concept = great

But then came the rewards..

Alright, but make it less powerful (whip instead of rapier str) and make it regular whip speed..
(I don't see the point of adding it , but at least make it viable?)

Staff: oh do you mean korasi?

-Really dudes? I thought you couldn't use a trident in pvp?
Oh but wait now you can because it's got a nice orb onto it,
and lets give it +15% damage while we're at it .. ????

-A magic spec u can use BACK TO BACK hitting OVER 65 ?
Please fire the person who came up with this idea as I don't think drugs should be used in the design room .. This piece of sh*t , sorry for the language, belongs in RS3...

-Healing prayer points? I like the idea but instead of making the staff stupidly OP,
why not give it normal stats , a higher level requirement and give this as a passive effect?

in short: Magic could do with a spec weapon, but making a korasi isn't the way to go.
and if u do , please call it the :

STAFF OF STAFFASI , so everyone knows what schemes you're playing..

The armour set: 30 defence bro, really?
just no.
And who thought you should be able to wear an extra dragon defender on top of your dragon defender?
That's right it doesn't make sense, just like the reward itself.

The tome: get out of here. maybe 2% magic dmg boost and less attack than an arcane..

These are my 2 cents ,

Please come with something NEW , ORIGINAL, that does not involve POWERCREEP.
Let the game PROGRESS instead of keeping it at a standstill / exploding PVP.

Thank you.

26-Nov-2019 16:54:28

Sep Member 2017


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Since there is so much feedback on the items I wonít comment on those.

However I am worried about the way the joining of the boss works. If you look at zolcano itís really hard to find a world. Iím afraid that low levels will suffer if this is a new BiS money maker and random people can join. I would love to se the ToB team system in place here.

I would also like to know if Ironman can kill this boss and If they would have there own instance. Wouldnít want to have corp crashers v2 again.

Last thing is I love the artwork and it really is nightmare like. The sirens could do with some minor polishing to there faces but otherwise great work.

A sneak peak on mechanics would be nice to 🙂

26-Nov-2019 18:46:15



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he4 said:

I would also like to know if Ironman can kill this boss and If they would have there own instance. Wouldnít want to have corp crashers v2 again.

Why does everything in this game have to cater to Ironman. You chose to play the game alone deal with its challenges. I'm tired of every single update catering to ironman and making it streamlined and easy.

On another note the rewards are terrible, I thought they were supposed to be designed by the "community." Also why make Arcane Spirit Shield a trash can item when this new item drops that gives 10% magic damage making Arcane pointless.

Just not feeling this game anymore tbh, the dev team seems completely disconnected from the community. Why I am currently an unsubbed maxed player.

26-Nov-2019 23:55:18

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