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This thread is for discussing the latest game update newspost that you can find here.
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05-Dec-2019 07:54:50

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Is there something going on with the hiscores? I'm unable to load them to view the boss counts.
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05-Dec-2019 11:56:19

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please dont add anything main game until twisted league finishes,

Idk about anyone else but you kinda ruined osrs for me now. Can i even go back to that bs after playing leagues lol

I was the first one to say it would be shit. I eat my hat,

Twisted was the best idea you have had, at start i was with you and the 2/3 a year.

But now fuck it just keep them constant. I wont even play my main no more lol FARMERS OUTFIT ive never even attempted tithe ive mastered it on this.

Dont rip this away from us lol, if you are dont put updates where ima have to stop progress on the league,

Does anyone ven play main game whilst the beauiful relics are out

05-Dec-2019 11:58:09

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I can't find boss hiscore for killcounts seems like you forgot to add it. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued. I support discontinued tokens and ending price manipuiation.

05-Dec-2019 12:07:25

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can't log in "error loading game configuration from the website"

this seems to be becoming a regular feature of the game now...

I don't remember it being polled.

Can you give us some proper feedback on why this keeps happening?

05-Dec-2019 12:10:20

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