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This thread is for discussing the latest poll blog that you can find here.
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13-Mar-2020 13:30:33

gday kunce
Mar Member 2020

gday kunce

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Poll Question #7
Should we allow players to use 1000 crystal shards on the Blade of Saeldor to create an infinitely charged version?

It should cost significantly more than 1000 like maybe 5000 because only 1000 feels like a cheap way out

Poll Question #37
Should the Inquisitor’s Armour have a set effect? For each piece equipped, both damage and accuracy will be boosted by 0.5% while using the crush attack style. If all three pieces are equipped, an additional 1.0% boost will be given, for a total of 2.5%.
Poll Question #38
Should the negative slash and stab attack bonuses be removed from all three pieces of the Inquisitor’s Armour set?

The proposed set effect is rather conservative it does play into the armour quite well being less defensive and very offensive for the crush style only but I feel like it could be better... perhaps the damage is a concern but a bit more accuracy lets say 10% boost instead of 2.5% would be a nice idea. With the set effect in consideration I dont think that removing the negative slash and stab should be offered, it should remain the way it is.

13-Mar-2020 15:01:30

Mar Member 2020


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#10 and #11 to re-poll divine version of battlemage and bastion potion isn't the right way to go. It failed the poll and jagex wants to compromise it's poll integrity to force it in through a repoll? What an unprofessional action to take.

#17 - reworking contact npc spell to remove uneccessary dialogue to get assignment is straight up easyscape. If you want it quick, go straight to the slayer master.

#22 - another straight up poll in favour of people who is lucky enough to have a extreme RNG useless pet.

#26 - Right click option to enable getting kicked/teleport to relleka even with elite diary done is considered easyscape. Caters to vorkath pvmers. No thanks.

#27 - Remove the talk option on pickpocketable HAM members? Well done. Another easyscape suggestion so that lazy people can want to farm easy clues to death. No thanks.
How much more easy we're gonna cater to lazy people?

#28 - Change Sarachinis spawn timer from 30s to 10s? As if the boss isn't easy enough to farm. No thanks. Easyscape suggestions.

#36 - Change the cb level of restless ghost npc from 13 -6. Why even fix what's not broken? No thanks. Easyscape.

Majority are easyscape suggestions, who even screen these what the fuck?
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13-Mar-2020 16:09:38

Oct Member 2018


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The only ones I don't say yes to: 12, about the crystal imps, I'd only want those to be added if crystal shards become tradable. Also no to 37, 38 and 39. I don't think the gear worth hundreds of mils needs to be buffed lol

13-Mar-2020 16:47:26

I have boxes
Feb Member 2020

I have boxes

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I kinda wish you wouldn't get our hopes up with things that obviously won't pass. Players voted against the Tome of Fire protecting from dragonfire, they obviously aren't going to vote to make it more affordable to use.

13-Mar-2020 21:55:16

Antivirus IM

Antivirus IM

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I think this is the wrong area, but oh well...

Soulwars was not a popular game, it was infested by bots and by people looking to get free experience without playing the game. Remove the reward aspect and see if anyone still plays.

If you want a REAL game to be brought back into OS, go for 'Stealing Creation'. That's one where you really had to do something and your stats were so significant to doing so. I loved starting each rs day with some stealing creation...

14-Mar-2020 12:56:10

Nov Member 2018


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I honestly love the idea of having a new pvp players tutorial! I've been playing for almost 2 years and used to play back in 2007-2009. I've never pvped because it seems intimidating but I've always wanted to learn how. Please add this to game, I definitely think it would increase the player #s.

I also like all the wintertodt changes y'all proposed and will be voting yes on them all!

14-Mar-2020 17:39:52

Dec Member 2017


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Can you guys stop polling change to items already in game. Seriously Blade of Saeldor to create an infinitely charged version, what is this the blade had a value of 68m and now is gonna rise to 170m?No to this infinitely charged or make it cost 10 000. 1000 is a joke locked to a boss that require nothing/gear to complete vs raid2 and nightmare for the same stats.

Why sudden change to Inquisitor’s Armour I mean the only part needed buff is the helmet but you cant really because this armor is tie to 30 DEFENCE...
Why should we remove negative slash and stab now?

So much price manipulating

14-Mar-2020 20:11:26 - Last edited on 14-Mar-2020 20:25:23 by Punition

T1m3 2 Die
Jun Member 2019

T1m3 2 Die

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Dear Mods

Can we propose some changes to some of the slayer bosses in the game? It is nearly impossible to find an empty Kraken boss world while the rest of the cave remains unused. Perhaps 2-3 Krakens could be added per world to reduce the chance of being crashed by maxed end gear characters that have no common courtesy. Anther proposed option is removing the fee for instances as the risk is higher with losing gear during disconnects. The same might apply to some other slayer bosses as well just wanted to throw this idea out there.

I think the blade should be the same as the other tier weapons and should not be degradable.

The inquisitor armour seems pretty powerful having the same strength as bandos with a higher prayer. It was meant to have a crush advantage making it OG with the new mace. It only needs 30 def to wear it as well. Adding more buffs to it means the majority of player noobs will never get to use it when it should come to a reasonable prices like bandos and justiciar.

15-Mar-2020 14:14:04

Feb Member 2019


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The tangleroot is so cute I want to try farming now and ready for this form changing.

I do however disagree with trying to make the early quests changed to handhold me players, that's definitely not the route this game needs to ago. Plus, this is old-school runescape not RS3. Keep it nostalgic please, all I can ask.

15-Mar-2020 17:41:52

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