Gielinor Gazette: April 2020

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08-Apr-2020 12:55:12

Lewis Shoot
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Lewis Shoot

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The settings menu overhaul looks interesting. Will the menu close if an interupt happens, such as in combat? If so I think it would be beneficial to keep crucial parts of the menu in the current state and let the more obscure features go into the new menu.
For example I often change my audio depending on my mood or I change my attack options when I go from skilling to combat content.
Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
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08-Apr-2020 18:37:40



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DinoCrusader said:
So excited to see whats in store for soulwars!!! Can you link any previous info for me please? Id love to read more about it. That game was so much fun.

I'd rather bring back Stealing Creation than Soul Wars. If we can have both, that would be very nice.

09-Apr-2020 04:42:37

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sadtimes for me apart from leagues nothing all year i care about.

Hallowed agilty course looks terrible, and forced agilty with ughhh just another course

Group ironmen - Was fail from the start and such a niche market (for the longrun)

New kourend quest - Be quick easy etc etc just another filler quest pointless rewards for high level

As we all keep saying but for some reason you ignore us... Stealing creating > Soul Wars

No one wants soul wars that bad its exactly the same as clan wars... Pointless waste of personal time. Go have a beer.

What else we got lol

BH i dont even pvp but only kids of school gonna believe that propaganda you have ruined pking really for noobs especially and certain accounts made for BH.

So if we could skip to TL >:D give us something to grind whilst this pandemic going on <3

The updates today though. Ty for the work you put in must be hard with situation.

Keep safe

09-Apr-2020 12:56:37



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Possible additions to Soul Wars

Fighting Bots and splashing

- Levelcap of 40/50 to enter the Soul Wars portal
- Modified activity-bar:
If you don’t deal any amount of damage while in combat within a certain amount of time,
you will be kicked out of the match. Burring bones should only fill that bar every 4 minutes,
so players have to seriously contribute to the team. Soul fragments should only fill your bar,
if used on the obelisk.


1/5000 chance of getting the Avatar-pet when winning a match.


Kills should be worth one soul fragment, but depending on the difference in combat level - let's say about 20 - there wont be one.


Soul Wars tournaments once every 3 months, offering everyone the chance to participate - as clan or random team - with Bond / Membership reward for the final winning team. Finals / best of 10 could be streamed.


Team chat, similar to clan chat, should’t be in the clan chat tab, rather a new section so players are still able to stay in their private Soul Wars CC.


Special potions removing freeze / stun effects from spells and ZGSs that are limited to Soul Wars only – just like NMZ's Overloads/Absorptions. Either buyable with zeals or free-for-all at the potions table in game.

Hybrid armour

Adding the Hybrid armour within Soul wars and the other minigames to get the full set.


Adding Nomad's Requiem.
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09-Apr-2020 18:46:30

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