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This thread is for discussing the latest game update newspost that you can find here.
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16-Apr-2020 09:30:02

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We will see a 1v1 tournament. But will we also see a return of the clan cup? Its been so long since theres been given any information about it. The clan cup was a great event and initiative. Would love to see it return!
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16-Apr-2020 11:05:37

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Does claiming league reward points necessarily mean spending them? I haven't been active in some time but last I heard they transferred over to the next league.

16-Apr-2020 11:33:59 - Last edited on 16-Apr-2020 11:36:08 by Virtuart

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I love all the QoL updates coming out!

One QoL that I'm still missing is that runes made through runecrafting can't automatically be put into the rune pouch. Is there a possibility of that coming to the game?

16-Apr-2020 12:28:26

nomlaS norI
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nomlaS norI

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A little upset about the herb sack being added to the farming game days after paying 750 slayer points for it... especially when buying it from the farming minigame would take a fraction of the time.
Perhaps give an option to sell it back to a slayer master, even for a percentage of the points?

17-Apr-2020 15:00:53

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