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LMS seems like a better place to learn PvP so I think it's a good place to put the rewards.

I'm glad you're trying to tackle large scale emblem farming. Could you go into more detail as to why you don't expect being able to prevent it?

New Player Experience
I understand you're trying to make joining the game smoother but I don't understand why farmer Fred has to give the player shearers.
The general store is right next to the sheep field and that teaches you that quest items can be bought from shops. This feels like it's going to set a precedence that you'll get given all the items you need for every quest which is categorically not the case.
Worse case scenario is that you make going to the store to get shears an official part of the quest.
Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
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14-May-2020 12:45:48



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Bring back the strong hold of Safety. With the roach warriors. Add a reward fancy gloves/fighting gloves at the end of the player safety labyrinth. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

14-May-2020 16:07:09

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This would've been a good opportunity to add dialogue to the Shield of Arrav quest advising players where they can best find gang partners. Players often come to the forums asking for help and we have to point them in the right direction, it would be great if the game itself could cut out the middleman and offer new players some guidance.

I recently made a post proposing this update. Whether you agree or disagree, I'd appreciate some feedback. :)
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14-May-2020 16:26:08

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God I hate the new osrs team STOP dumbing down F2P quests and early game (Fred the farmer already had shears in his home as a spawn but now you gotta hold f2p players hands)
Stop making hand holdy changes to early game I guarantee no new players are coming to your declining mmo it's all returning players. What's next how will this new team ruin the game further in the next update??

15-May-2020 03:03:35



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There are alot of options for the shears instead of just giving them out. Like hide them in the field next to a trough or tree. But make the players figure it out. I know its not a big deal for sheep shearer but please don't make it a habbit to hold hands. Keep up the good work.

15-May-2020 06:33:21

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it seems like the current OSRS team does not play the game. Fred the farmer already has the sheares right on the table in his house.

do we see the start of turning osrs into a rs3 clone, where you hold the hand of the player on every step?

that is not how rs became famous, thats exactly how it saw its decline.
you should poll changes, thats what makes osrs popular in the first place.
thats why people come to OSRS they seek a challange, not a handout.

16-May-2020 18:45:46



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Hi. Lets talk about Bounty Hunter!

I have a few good suggestions on how to improve the Bounty Hunter experiance!

1. You could make skips penalty free if your opponent has different kind of stats from yours. For example the farmers are often 50 defence, 50 hp at 70 combat. And seriously there are more farmers than pkers right now and they wont skip so its alot of waiting for nothing. FRUSTRATING

2. You could make bounty world a 1k+ total world! I know this would mean that some pkers would be a little grumpy for having to skilll a few extra lvl 50s for a day or two.
But i wouls gladely skill a few extra skills to lvl 50 on my pures to get into bh worlds and get rid of emblem farmers (atleast most of them)

3. You could invest in having someone shadow ban all emblem farmers , and do it every day. This would mean that they will get banned from this specific bh world for a set time.
And they would also get a message that says: "You dont belong in BH world. due to recent activity. plz come back in 24 hours and play the minigame properly"

Thank you for this amazing game in general!
/ Proud OSRS Player

27-May-2020 15:57:09

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