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Why was a silent update done to CoX in regards to Olm.
For us people who are new at raids and havent learned to skip special attacks yet, he now throws 4x the amount of orbs, 4x the amount of burn and firewalls as he did previously.
I thought at first i may of just had a bad run, but after several trips on several days it's plain as day you silent updated this.
Please STOP. All you are doing is trying to cater for the hardcore people who play this game 100+ hours a week.
You don't think about the casual player who has a family but might enjoy playing from time to time.
After this update, and if you bring in death mechanics which is essentially a tax on the poor, or the player who's out.
You continually mess with things that arent broken and are perfectly fine the way they are.
Revert the Changes to Olm, and fire whoever came up with the death mechanic idea immediately.

24-Jun-2020 05:00:41

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