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I am having trouble underatanding the decision to lower xp for the sepulchre. It is more click intensive than any roof top course, much more work than Brimhaven agility arena, and is timed so you may not be able to get the xp on the highest floor your level entitles you to.

If anything I was expecting an increase to the overall xp, NOT a decrease. I'm really disappointed in this one.

I think the dye and the acorn are way overpriced as well, but thats trivial compared to the xp change.

12-Jun-2020 12:47:40 - Last edited on 12-Jun-2020 12:54:18 by DagotháUrvyn

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It's like you're setting xp rates based on the performance of the best streamers, and not average players. This update effectively reduces xp / hr and marks / hr on an already high-concentration, click-intensive, frustratingly difficult minigame.

Way to take content with potential and then immediately start choking it out.

12-Jun-2020 12:53:20



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I agree with the above complaints about nerfing the xp rates on hallowed sepulchre. Gives no incentive xp wise to do this over rooftops. Although it is possible to make more money from this than rooftops, that will only lead to even less xp.

I am most disappointed by the fact that one trap in particular did not get adjusted. The final trap on floor 4 for one of the paths, it is a combination of sword and arrow traps. Depending on how the arrows end up firing, it can be borderline impossible to pass this trap, especially with a one tick delay that I often find myself with. I strongly suggest that the sword should either wait longer to be thrown or simply stop sooner. I had no problems with any other trap prior to the patch, this was the only complaint that I had.

I appreciate the work you all do, and I hope you will take our comments into consideration.

12-Jun-2020 15:21:38

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I am very sad to see partner slayer being removed from the game. I really enjoyed doing slayer tasks with my brother and hope that this feature will be returning. It was one of my favorite activities to do with him in RS and removing it is a huge blow to the amount of content there is that encourages play with a single other person.

Jagex, please bring back partner slayer so that it may be used in its intended way. To do slayer tasks with a friend/family member.

Thank you for reading this comment and I urge anyone else that loves this feature to request it being brought back.

12-Jun-2020 15:48:00



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I too am very sad to see the slayer partner capability suspended. My partner and I happen to be in a long distance relationship and one of our favorite relaxing things to do together is FaceTime and play OSRS, and slayer is one of the better (if not the best) skills to train with one other person. We have a lot of fun training slayer together, as I'm sure many others do, so I hope this is brought back in the very near future so that myself and others can tackle slayer tasks along side their favorite slayer partners again.

On another note - I also believe that the xp rates in the Sepulcher should have been increased, not decreased, due to the time sensitive aspect and how click/focus intensive this course is compared to other agility courses.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my comment and for keeping OSRS running! :)

12-Jun-2020 17:10:56



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All the rest about the update aside - Why would you remove slayer partners? I'm sure it's a thoroughly enjoyed feature and a strong social incentive for friends to play together and shower you with membership cash.

Partner and I have been playing unofficial group ironman mode together for a year or so - we've done every single task together and have almost identical slayer logs and exp levels. Gonna mess it up pretty bad now to be doing entirely different tasks, also getting different gear upgrades which we try to pursue similarly.

If this is about that no combat xp slayer training gimmick; why not just patch that and let the legit players enjoy playing legitimately?

This feels specifically like being cheated out of my money's worth. At least announce your plan to reform the system to rid it of any abused mechanics, rather than "closed indefinitely".

I sincerely hope to see slayer partners up again as quick as possible.

13-Jun-2020 09:55:49

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Hi, would it be possible to buff the vampyre slayer task. The fact that you cant use cannon already makes it a never worthwhile task to do. The money that can be gained from the blood shards is also pretty shoddy. Perhaps you could add bonus xp to the vampires or make the blister wood weapon stronger.
As for the pickpocketing, it seems to be ok, but the experience rate should be increased just a tad bit more.

13-Jun-2020 14:10:44

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