Poll 71 and Darkmeyer Updates

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This thread is for discussing the latest game update newspost that you can find here.
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18-Jun-2020 07:19:08



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The number of black knight spawns north of Venenatis has increased from 2 to 7.

We are truly not deserving of such a gracious update. How will some, if any now be able to harvest the steel dagger spawn ( that has been there since CLASSIC ) that these mighty warriors surround?

Nevertheless much appreciation for removing the extra Risk that was once needed to find these foes that are in abundance at the ** ABANDONED ** Lava maze.

Simply put, this has to be one of your greatest updates.
...... seconds are always finer.

18-Jun-2020 11:13:41

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Really glad to see the coalbag improved like this. Makes it nice and consistent with the herb sack. The gem bag would benefit from a similar change, a chatbox message instead of something that stops what im doing. And to a lesser extent, the seed box would too.

18-Jun-2020 14:53:14

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I do feel like the Hallowed Sepulchre should have better xp rates than other counterparts. The amount of time and focus required is substantially greater. The content was intended to be a new and interesting way to train agility, but if it is click-intensive and the xp rates are not worth it, I feel like it won't be utilized. This, honestly, is the first time I have ever enjoyed training agility. I'd hate for it to become an unviable training method.

18-Jun-2020 15:04:15

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When are you going to make black graceful actually black? What you guys showed on blog vs what came out is a huge disappointment, I hate to turn down my in-game brightness completely just to look at what was supposed to be the real deal

18-Jun-2020 16:57:53

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Hallowed Sepulchre

I'v done a lot of Hallowed Sepulchre, both before and after the first update; I will say, it runs much, much smoother now than before. That being said, i think the teleport tiles are annoying and very inconsistent. I believe if u made them last 1-2 ticks longer it would make things run a alot smoother; also, make the portal not teleport you for the first tick because it is very frustrating to get instantly teleported back because a yellow happen to turn on while you were running on it. I'm fine with the xp/hr and gp/hr in all honesty. If i loot all chest on floor 4/5 (only sometimes the last bridge if i have time) I can get ~55k; the money is okay, but i hate getting monkfish as a drop; I would pay 250 more tokens to never get a monk fish drop again! Lastly, great job with the agility update; I honestly love the Hallowed Sepulchre and think it's really fun once you learn.

18-Jun-2020 19:51:44

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