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Thank you for adressing the emblem farming and the bots needed!
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06-Aug-2020 11:22:52

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Thank you! I have pleaded for change in LMS for 2 months now, in regards to the logging out mid-combat. I cannot thank you guys enough, this will definitely make LMS a more player-friendly, less toxic PvP activity.

Cheers to the team for consistent outstanding effort!
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06-Aug-2020 12:57:43



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The fee could be raised to 100k with the bounty kill rewarded with the money or 75k as a gold sink. I still think that bh could have decent rewards. Don't give up on it. Just make the rewards nontradable pvp benefits (like the vesta longsword). Instead of emblems, just leave a point system, that also decreases with deaths( good antifarming method)
When you kill a target you gain 3 points. When you die you lose 1 point. (Never reaching negative)
I think these updates would make pvp bounty hunter more attractive.

Re the issues of rev caves, it is dissapointing after the long awaited update to not see changes sufficient enough for the amount of time we have been waiting for an update. 20% is not enough reduction. It should be be about 25-30%. Although keeping in mind once becomes less profitable for farmers, it would just become near dead content. And not the reason for people and pkers flocking the wilderness...

All in all, if there are any developers reading my message, we seriously need to come up with practical ways to protect and uplift the pvp community. (I personally have played RS for years for the pvp content) so its a bit disheartening that over the years pvp has thinned out while PVM and skillers get all the glory of the development scale.

06-Aug-2020 13:02:27



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I agree with the whole update

But why has a 2.5m bounty points item become free from ferox?

Does everybody who bought one get there 2.5m bounty points back?

06-Aug-2020 13:57:59



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so let me get this right,

People dont go to rev caves due to pk teams and every world being protected by clans??

So you make it 20% less drops to stop people wanting to go there more?

You then make its 25% damage? once again for the pvmer

WTF is this update loool

All this does is help the teams, and pkers. Way to make it even more dead content. I got over 15k kills aint been there for months as its a load of bs now as a normal pvmer, constant having to tele.

What you needed to do was move the revs space them out, not lower the drop table. All this does is stop us pvmers going, and leaves more empty worlds for teams to rent out worlds


06-Aug-2020 16:22:36

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Rev caves update:
There are other solutions to fix these farmers that are protected.
I like pvm activity in pvp with the risk but this is not a good solution.
Now that we are taking more dmg from revs , is it still good for low or med levels? Why even bother doing revs for high level players .
You should make you can only enter rev cave with a certain risk to bring inside, no more venezulia raggers with black d hide and rune cbow.

Hope you find another solution for revs caves and maybe extend the wilderness and add new bosses in riskier and deeper surroundings.

06-Aug-2020 16:37:37



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I do understand the problem at rev caves. It's a big problem. But I do not understand the reasoning behind the solution. Can someone tell me how this will stop the cartels from scouting and hunting anyone who isn't paying them for protection?

06-Aug-2020 18:15:07

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