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This thread is for discussing the latest design blog that you can find here.
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05-Aug-2020 15:42:29



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First of all, this is just the artisan skill for construction, didn't you guys learn when that failed to pass? Slayer has already ruined the PvM section of the game through your oversatuation of it into every corridor of the game just to make it so "NMZ prodding" wasn't a thing, we didn't want the same thing with skilling and the vote showed it. "Boss slayer" is a complete travesty and should never pass, I was ardently against the current implementation of it that we have of it back in 2015 I believe when it was added. Since then you've added a zillion slay bosses, just leave it be.

Secondly, unless this is done properly, it is going to completely ruin construction in the same way wintertodt did firemaking. You took what was previously a reasonably mid-tier buyable, and made it into a marginal profit skill with hardly any drop in xp/hr. This doesn't *sound* like the same case, but if you're lowering the gp/xp of training to, say, 5 gp/xp, then the xp/hr can't be any higher than 150k tops. People are already going to be doing it just because you added cosmetics and QoL items to it that make training outside of it easier/more convenient which is going to result in a decline of the cost of the skill no matter the xp rate you give it. All you'd have to do to fix wintertodt, btw, is make it scale up to 175-200k xp/hr at 99.

An example of a non-buyable skill that you did an idea like this to properly is runecrafting. Blood/souls are far less click intensive, yet provide dramatically less xp (~50% lavas) and profit (double astrals/nats) than the best methods at their level. Daeyalt essence was also properly done, outside of the tick manip but then that makes what is supposed to be afk back into click intensive so it is an entirely separate can of worms. When looking at the xp/hr rates, you can't just go "oh wow! lets make this 350k xp/hr, 50k down from 400k is a big number!" because in reality that is only a 12.5% decrease from a 400k xp/hr method.
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05-Aug-2020 19:41:43

Lewis Shoot
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Lewis Shoot

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I am very excited to finally see this come. I've seen discussions about construction contacts for ages and thought it really had potential.

I think this particular design sounds pretty cool. I had imagined the update to have more focus on building specific houses in house portals rather than updating existing houses in the world.
I like that we'll be running about the world to get the best xp. Perhaps the more interactive activities to get specific resources in order to create exactly what the client wants would expand this.
The main issue I have with voting for this content is the lack of actual XP rates. Construction has a wide range of xp rates so something significantly lower could still be quite a lot. IMO I don't think anything above 50k would be appropriate because there is always the more expensive option for fast XP.

As for the rewards I am disappointed. Not disappointed in (all) the rewards themselves but the large focus on them. This skilling method is an alternative to the traditional construction method, which is hugely expensive, so you'll be saving a lot. Adding so many rewards is unnecessary.
Carpenters outfit
- I really don't think this is necessary. As already state the amount of construction XP varies with some methods pushing 1m+ an hour. This is incredibly fast and I do not think adding a 2.5% is at all necessary.
Plank sack & Equippable saw
- These sounds pretty cool. I am concerned there are OP situations for this but I cannot think of any right now.
Hosidius wall kit
- A very fitting reward for a construction training method. I'd love to see more wall kits coming from this.
Construction supplies
- Sounds fitting, reducing the amount you spend on the method.

Additional ideas
I'd like to see more pre existing construction items from this content. For example the scroll of redirection would make sense coming from this rather than/as well as NMZ.
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05-Aug-2020 20:52:37

Sand Deity
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aesthetically it sounds really neat, I like the idea of basically being a carpenter for hire around Gielinor, the ruined houses around Ardougne and Varrock definitely need some love. Though I do wish the skilling outfit was like we got in the original RS simply because the look of it was just one of my favorite fashionscape items in the game.

I do wonder what the gp/xp will be though since it sounds like we'd be using our own materials to build/fix this stuff and it sounds like it'd be an overall waste to do so. The current meta for training right now is just buy a bunch of planks and build a larder or dining table over and over depending on the lvl and which plank you're using and that can lead to ridiculous xp rates, arguably the fastest xp gain in the game if money isn't an issue for someone.

This just sounds like we're taking those same materials to do something way more click intensive where we have to run around cities fixing stuff at like a 10th of the xp that we'd be getting with what we train with now. While I'm not against having to use our own materials, it won't seem worth it if we're using AS much as we do now to complete these contracts.
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05-Aug-2020 22:19:17



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This update has made me more interested in construction. I am currently low in combat with a focus on non-combat skills. I have been playing RS on and off since 2005 but now play mostly on mobile.

I have a similar opinion to Lewis Shoot with his comment above. I don’t believe the full carpenter outfit is really needed and along with the construction create, is just a copy of motherload mine. I don’t believe the saw should be wieldable, this is not consistent with other skilling items such as hammers or chisels.

Instead of the whole outfit, perhaps one or two items would be more unique and give different benefits. I was thinking of a hard hat that gives a visible construction level boost, or construction gloves that gives a low chance to receive double the xp.

I believe this way of training construction should give a little more xp than “significantly less”. I like all the other proposes for this update and hope to see it implemented.

Happy to give more details or feedback if required.

06-Aug-2020 04:53:27



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This seems like a redundant update. It just doesn't add anything to the game in reality.
As it stands construction is a very fast skill to train at about 10-25 hours depending on your method and costs about 100m. Jagex should be looking to making the path 99 not shorter, easier or cheaper but MORE FUN. Every update to a skill needs to strike a balance between intensity/skill, gp/hr and xp/hr so as to avoid power creep. The most successful updates to date have kept this balance while adding lore, artwork and fun into the game.

Further, what does the 2.5% boost even add to the game? Aside from a small little token reward, that 2.5% xp boost and doesn't mean much when it only takes 20 hours to max the skill and the 2.5 mill you would save is maybe 1 hour at vorkath.
This honestly seems like the wintertodt update but far less interesting and rewarding.

The dev team managed to make fun training method updates with sepulchre, blood runecrafting and firemaking by introducing methods that achieved one or several of:

- clear milestones, goals and rewards
- cool art design
- randomized rewards of unknown value
- reduced click intensity & better UI
- Skill based content
- Extension of lore
- Avoiding power creep

The dev team need to focus on these principals when designing content. These principals are why the hallowed sepulchre was such a damn fine piece of content. Moreover, they need to focus on these principals for skills that take a long time such as mining, agility and RUNECRAFTING. Would you rather jagex implement an update for a skill players can enjoy for <30 hours or one that will last 100's of hours?

06-Aug-2020 12:42:46

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