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Mod Impact

Mod Impact

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This thread is for discussing the latest game update new post that you can find here.

06-Oct-2020 15:19:38 - Last edited on 07-Oct-2020 11:02:24 by Mod Impact

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The problem with revs is not the clans locking them down, its the amount of pure gold coins they bring into the economy per day, but yeah, any updates to them is better than how they currently are I guess

07-Oct-2020 11:05:44

Lewis Shoot
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Lewis Shoot

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Great list of small updates although I have some points on the PvP changes.

It's great to see you discuss the issues around revs and I really like the idea of putting the slayer monsters into Larrens cave. Just be careful not to cram everything in there like the original Stronghold Slayer cave.
As for the rev cave itself these changes sound like the bare minimum you could possibly do, which will leave a significant amount of gold farmers still there. I thought there was some serious support for splitting the revs into lots of smaller caves meaning more PvP hotspots, single clans will find it harder to lock them down and less protection for gold farmers.

As for the BH rewards you're going down the wrong route. Please remember you added blighted items as unpolled changes to improve BH but since BH was a flop then it makes no sense trying to keep hold of these. This is especially true for the VLS since it (and other PvP weapons) has failed at least 3 polls since OSRS began. Please respect those decisions, remove and refund those rewards.
Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
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07-Oct-2020 11:27:56

Bill Payer
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Bill Payer

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I like the changes you're trying to make to the revenants to prevent them essentially being 'locked down'. However, this PVP change wouldn't go far enough I don't think, as essentially if you hit someone in a protected world, the protectors could just hit you off. Most of the protectors risk 10k whilst the guy you targeted is running away with 1m loot.

I did however try think of a solution, and to be honest even if you changed it to PVP/PJ Timer then you'd have an issue of them catching a box, so I think this will be a difficult one to combat.
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07-Oct-2020 11:34:57

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Mod Impact said:
Wilderness warnings have been re-added on the relevant teletabs. These can be toggled on and off by using the right-click/long press 'Configure' option. As a result, the 'Break' option is now back on left-click/tap.

Excellent, thanks for this. The changes to the Revenant Caves sound good too.
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07-Oct-2020 12:52:23

PvP Lyndon

PvP Lyndon

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support for rev cave changes and especially for wildy slayer buff, i think more attention should be payed to the location though, because it might be done to it what was done to rev caves, clans locking down multi zones to prevent people from doing slayer.
One issue i have is with the vesta longsword. Unless we can bring in the equivalent for mages and rangers, then an already unfair and unbalanced combat triangle will only get more so. Melee is already extremely overpowered with gmaul combos and 1 tick stacks that can hit higher than brewed 99 hp. Come on jagex... this is why pvp is dead and also polluted with auto hot key bots/ spec bots...

I feel like i am a lone voice crying out in the wilderness....
S.N. ---> we need a longer timer for spec tabbing and safe zone pvping

07-Oct-2020 14:10:31

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I honestly don't see this resolving any problem...

Making Revenant Caves into a singles area will most likely discourage clans from fighting one another in there while at the same time encourage more people to farm Revenants now that it will be safer to kill them.

I'm sure you'll get some streamers who enjoy the Single PvP content to love these changes, but I wonder what kind of impact this will have on PvP clans who depend on Multi PvP content and where do you expect PvP clans to move to as the new hotspot to fight.

I guess time will tell once these changes have been implemented.
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07-Oct-2020 15:11:55

P K 3 R S
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P K 3 R S

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So basically killing the main multi-combat zone.

Also making it easier to rev kill and protect by creating single zones where pkers can be tagged off by protection, and where rev killers can wear a Dihn's and basically be almost impossible to kill by a single pker..

Not to mention saying that you don't want to upset PVMers by bringing Vesta long into PVM making the wilderness a more beneficial area for PVMers and PVPers....Isn't that the point of the wilderness?
Some of the most beneficial content should be wilderness related seeing it poses the highest risk...

07-Oct-2020 17:15:19

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The changes proposed to the rev caves sound like they're worth trying, but not a final solution. Please keep observing and updating that area according to our feedback. Also, move the rev caves to the ass end of the wildy please. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

07-Oct-2020 20:00:25

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